Intramural Leagues Default Policy

UBC Recreation Intramural Leagues Default Policy

In the Intramural Leagues Program, a default occurs when a team fails to sign in with, and be able to play with, the minimum number of players for their respective sports (see below for the Minimum Number of Players Policy).

Any fewer players, and an inability to utilize the League Forfeiting Substitution Rule, will result in a team receiving a default. Defaulting teams will record a loss for the defaulted game by the same score by league as with the Forfeit Policy (see below for Forfeit Policy).

Default Prevention Deposit

New for the 2018/2019 School year is the Default Prevention Deposit.  Due to a rise in the number of teams defaulting each semester, we have implemented a new policy to help address this issue.
Each team  will now pay a $50.00 ($200.00 for Ice Hockey) deposit in addition to their team registration fees. This deposit will be held by UBC Recreation Intramural Leagues until the conclusion of playoffs each semester.

If a team defaults at any point during the season, $25.00 ($100.00 for Ice Hockey) will be removed from their deposit and be used to compensate the team that was defaulted against in some way (Teams defaulted against will not be compensated with money directly).  The defaulting team loses the game as well.

If a team defaults a second time in the same season, the remaining $25.00 ($100.00 for Ice Hockey will be removed from their deposit and again be used to compensate the team that was defaulted against.  However, as they defaulting team no longer has any deposit left on their account, they will now be removed from the league without refund.

If a team does not default during the course of the season, the entirety of the $50.00 ($200.00 for Ice Hockey) Default Protection Deposit will be returned to the person who registered the team, after playoffs conclude.

Teams that defaults once during the course of the season will receive $25.00 ($100.00 for Ice Hockey) of their Default Protection Deposit back at the end of the season.