Intramural Leagues Eligibility Policy

UBC Intramural Leagues Eligibility Policy

Participation in most Intramural events, tournaments, and leagues is restricted to current UBC staff, faculty, and students. Proof of UBC status is required for participation in all programs.

Intramural programs that are open to the community include Day of the LongBoat, Pumpkin Run, Lace Up for Kids, UBC Triathlon Duathlon, Storm the Wall, and the UBC Summer Soccer League.

Note: Students who are associated with the university but do not pay an Athletics and Recreation fee (ELI, Affiliated Colleges) are eligible to participate in the same manner as UBC Staff and Faculty, but must have a valid UBC ID #. In addition, these students must be on rosters submitted by their affiliated group to UBC Recreation Intramurals and meet the individual requirements of the affiliated group. Please check with the administration of your affiliated group to determine requirements.