Intramural Leagues Forfeit Policy

Intramural Leagues Forfeit Policy

A forfeit occurs when a team requires the use of non-roster players to provide the minimum number of players for a game to avoid a default.  This can only occur after the roster deadline. Additionally, a forfeit is applied when a CoRec team does not have meet the gender requirements.

Forfeiting teams will record a loss for the forfeited game by the following applicable score:

  • A score of 5 – 0 for:
    • 4v4 Soccer
    • Inner Tube Water Polo
    • Futsal
    • Ice Hockey
    • 6v6 Soccer
    • Ultimate
  • 10 – 0 for Basketball
  • 3 – 0 for teams in Tier 1 Volleyball
  • 2 – 0 for all other Volleyball categories
  • 14 – 0 for Football
  • 3 – 0 for Dodgeball and 11v11 Soccer

All teams are allowed a maximum of one forfeit during each session or term of play. Any team receiving a second forfeit will be automatically be ineligible for playoffs.

  • Exceptions: Double Header Leagues (Volleyball, Ultimate, Dodgeball). Your team must forfeit in different weeks to become ineligible for playoffs. Forfeiting both games in a day will not disqualify you from playoff eligibility.