Are you a sport enthusiast who is looking to get involved in UBC Recreation Intramurals as a League Official?

We are currently hiring officials for the following Leagues:

  • Basketball
  • Dodgeball
  • Flag Football
  • Futsal
  • Ice Hockey
  • Soccer (6s)
  • Volleyball


We are looking for individuals to join our UBC Recreation Intramurals Officials Team.

Here at UBC Recreation we strive to engage our community in outstanding sport and recreation experiences. The UBC Recreation Intramurals Officials Team plays a large role in creating a welcoming, safe and controlled sporting environment.

We provide the opportunity for individuals to participate in 6 different leagues, 5 of which require officials to manage each game. As a member of our Officials Team you are empowered to be creative, communicate effectively and resolve to fun, safe and fair play. You are responsible for maintaining the tempo of a game, mediating game play and ensuring the safety of all participants.

As a member of our Officials Team, you will work in a fast paced environment in a role that will be supported through ample training and a strong community. We offer lots of opportunities to connect and have fun with other Intramurals staff!

  • Review all necessary training documents provided by IM administrative staff and attend training sessions.
  • Officiating – manage game matches closely to ensure rules are adhered to and arbitrate on matters arising from play.
  • Record Keeping – all necessary information (score, goals, fouls, etc) and secondary reports (incident, protest forms).
  • Meet with UBC Intramurals Administration when necessary (incident follow-up).
  • Enforce all UBC Intramurals Policies accurately and effectively.
  • Report hours worked accurately.
  • Value punctuality and are always on time.
  • Comfortable with making quick, confident decisions.
  • Comfortable speaking to both individuals and large groups.
  • Have excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Skilled in conflict resolution.
  • Current UBC student a strong asset.
  • Past experience refereeing any of UBC Recreation’s Intramural Sports (Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Dodgeball).
  • Current or past certification in officiating any of the aforementioned sports.
  • Experience playing or otherwise interacting with one of the aforementioned intramurals sports, or can demonstrate a strong knowledge of the rules of play.
  • For Ice Hockey applicants:
    • Past experience refereeing Ice Hockey
    • Current or past certification in officiating Ice Hockey
  • Officials will be expected to work a minimum of TWO (2) shifts of at least 1 hour per week. More hours will be available depending on teams registered, official availability and job proficiency.
  • Officials must be able to spend multiple hours on their feet and moving around without interfering in league play.
  • Officials must be able to enforce the rules of play and protect player safety in a calm, focused manner.
  • Officials will arrive on time to officiate games.
  • Officials are responsible for observing and recording all scores, disciplinary issues, and then reporting outcomes to intramurals staff.

Official Pay begins at $15.20 per hour, Ice Hockey: $32.00 per hour, with possibilities of increased pay based on subsequent evaluations and demonstrated skill and proficiency as an official.

As of today, UBC Recreation Intramurals is working towards and expecting to have all Intramural leagues open/commencing for the Winter 2022 season. However, the unpredictability of COVID-19 and its impacts on programs and staffing levels makes this extremely challenging.

Accordingly, due to the changing circumstances and the ongoing uncertainty arising from the COVID-19 pandemic and the public health recommendations and directions, there is uncertainty whether responsibilities will commence on the anticipated timeline. Given these unprecedented times, there is even the possibility that they may not be able to start at all.

Further Information

  • Applications can be submitted HERE
  • With regrets, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.
  • Please contact with any requests for further information regarding this position.

Interested in applying? Please fill out this application.