Women’s and W2STGD Only Programs

Women’s only programs provide a safe, comfortable and fun atmosphere for anyone who self-identifies as a woman. Whether you are just learning to use equipment or looking to get a great workout in a group setting or private environment, our women’s only programs are designed to encourage women of all abilities to use our facilities and encourage equitable participation in physical activity.

Gender Identity & Expression

UBC strives to build a respectful and welcoming environment for all participants to enhance wellbeing, participation and a sense of community on campus through opportunities in Athletics and Recreation. We support every participant’s right to self-identify their own gender and to participate and/or compete accordingly in our programs. If a person is gender non-conforming or gender expansive, they can participate in any program or in any category that they feel is right for them.We request that any individual who wishes to participate in a UBC Recreation program and would like to request adaptations, additional resources or a discussion about their concerns to contact a Program Manager as soon as possible.

“This is a fantastic and worthy program for physical exercise for beginners! You will refresh your mindset for physical activity, and help you encourage yourself to do it on your own. You will also be provided a chance to try more than 15 different activities in UBC Recreation, and find the ones you like. None of them are too intense for beginners so don’t be terrified. You will also learn self-care techniques, and win lovely prizes by participating in the program!”

Sijia, Move More Lean More Participant (Law Student)

Women’s Only Programs

Students are encouraged to visit the ARC Lower Level Studio during special Women’s (Trans Welcome) & W2STGD fitness hours. Enjoy private studio times, access to equipment, and the supervision of friendly and knowledgeable staff who self-identify as a woman. Feel empowered and gain the confidence you need to make physical activity part of your everyday routine. This program is open to the following:

Women’s (Trans Welcome)

  • This program is for all trans and cis women who are comfortable in a space that centres the experiences of women.

Two-Spirit, Gender Diverse, Trans & Women (W2STGD)

  • This program is for all two-spirit people, non-binary people, trans women, and cis women. Also referred to as W2STGD.

We ask patrons to self select which session they feel most comfortable attending. For any questions please contact src.operations@ubc.ca, and for more information on gender identity and gender expression please visit our Inclusive Recreation: Gender Identity and Expression page.

“Women’s Only Fitness Hours has allowed me to become more active. I never have to worry if the equipment I want to use will be in use, or worry about being in someone’s way. I feel more comfortable trying new things in the gym without the fear of someone watching me!”

– Juliana, 1st Year Master of Science Program in Speech-Language Pathology Student

Move More, Learn More is a 9-week program that teaches you about physical activity and health, and gives you the knowledge, skills, and confidence to get active and improve your physical and mental wellbeing. This targeted program is open to all self-identified women, with a specific focus on catering to our Asian women student population – a group with (on average) low levels of physical activity. Move More, Learn More is designed for people starting out with health and fitness to try new exercises and see what fits your lifestyle.

UBC Intramurals offers the W2STGN category (Women, Two-Spirit, Trans, Gender Non-Conforming). This category welcomes participation by those who self-identify as women, two-spirit, trans and gender non-conforming. For more information regarding UBC Intramurals participation structure, please visit the participation structure breakdown. W2STGD Options 

The UBC Thunderbirds Sport Clubs (UBC TSC) are Athletics & Recreation's newer option for competitive UBC student athletes. UBC TSC currently features eleven sports and thirteen teams that range from women's only to CoRec which include: Alpine Skiing, Artistic Swimming, Cycling, Equestrian, Lacrosse, Nordic Skiing, Quidditch, Sailing, Tennis, Triathlon, and Ultimate Sport Clubs. Women's Only UBC TSC Teams 

Learn proper weightlifting techniques for machine and free weight training! This class incorporates functional strength exercises with core training for more effective weight loss and toning. It also includes a stretching component and nutritional guidance. Women on Weights is open to all students that self-identify as a woman. (Max 12-15 people)

Class Day(s) Times Start End Sessions Location No Class(es) Free Class(es) UBC Student CSC / UNA Staff / Faculty Public Register by
Women On Weights Mon / Wed 8:00PM - 8:55PM Jan 6 Mar 23 22 sessions ARC Lower Feb-17 Jan 6, 8 $214 $237 $237 $254 Jan 13
84657 84660 84660 84663

Key Contact

Should you have any questions about inclusivity at UBC Recreation or accessing our programs, please send an email to physical.activity@ubc.ca and we will be happy to help you to the best of our ability