UBC Recreation Login for CWL Users

UBC Recreation’s registration system enables:
  • Integration with UBC CWL to qualify for affiliated rates
  • Enhanced online experience
  • Managing additional Family Members

Since May 2020 most UBC Recreation programs and activities require an online login. If you have not recently set up a new login, please read and follow instructions on this page.

For the optimal experience with the system, please use the Google Chrome browser when searching and registering for UBC Recreation programs. The Safari browser is not compatible with a number of features and we strongly recommend using an alternate browser when using the online registration software; not all features may work as intended with other browsers.

1. Set Up & Edit Your New UBC Recreation Login

UBC Campus Wide Login (CWL)

Current UBC students, faculty, staff, and alumni can use their CWL to access the new registration software. Prior to registering for a program or visiting UBC facilities, activate your UBC Recreation Login with your CWL to verify your affiliations. This initial login verifies your affiliations.

CWL Login

Instructions for Setting Up Your CWL with UBC Recreation

2. Adding Family Members (optional)

A Family Account is used to register for programs, manage memberships, and see schedules for a family. After setting up your UBC Recreation Login, your account will be designated as the primary contact and you can add additional Family Members. It is recommended that where applicable, the primary login should be a family member with a UBC Campus Wide Login. Instructions for Adding Family Members

3. Rate Verification for UNA & CSC and Family Member UBC Camps rates for UBC Students, Faculty, and Staff (optional)

Additional verification of your University affiliations is required for certain rates. Please follow the steps outlined below to activate these rates:


In-person verification by presenting your CSC or UNA card at a designated recreation facility will qualify you to receive the affiliated rates (including through online registration) for a one year period.

Family Member UBC Camps rates for UBC Students, Faculty, and Staff – only for UBC Camps

An online submission of the University affiliated individual will qualify Family Members on the same account to receive applicable UBC Camps rates for a one year period. Verification requests require up to three business days.

4. Register for Programs

Browse through programs on the UBC Recreation or UBC Camps website. Click on any button that features “Register Now” to use your CWL or UBC Recreation Login to complete registration.

Instructions for Program Registration

Additional Information About the Registration System

Walkthroughs of System Features

Frequently Asked Question

UNA & CSC Verification Locations


Frequently Asked Questions

I have more than one affiliation with UBC, how will this affect my login and rates?
Individuals with with faculty, staff, and student affiliations at UBC will be verified automatically using their CWL. If there are multiple affiliations, you will receive the lowest available rate. For individuals that also have a UNA and CSC affiliation, once in-person verification is completed any lower available rate will be applied for future transactions.
Why am I receiving emails from communication@perfectmind.com?
Some emails from the registration system are sent from communication@perfectmind.com. It is not spam, please ensure that this email address is added to your safe list.​
Why did I not receive a confirmation email?
Please check your spam or junk mail folder. Emails from theregistration software will be sent from communication@perfectmind.com and info@recreation.ubc.ca. Please ensure that both of these email addresses are on your safe list.
I need help. Who do I contact?
If you require assistance with your UBC Recreation Login, program registration, or support with the registration system, please email recreation.help@ubc.ca.
Why is my age 120 years? Why is my phone number wrong? How do I fix it?
For CWL users, you will see a default age and phone number that may be incorrect. Please follow these instructions to update your information.
What if I have credit on my old account? Can I use my old account credit?
Your account credit is still on file with us; however it cannot be transferred over to our new system. Existing account credit can be used for tennis, ice, rowing or baseball non-camp programs running from January to March 31, 2020. Any unused credit will be returned to customers.