Drop-In Hockey & Skating Schedule

Important Updates for Drop-in Ice Sessions

Please note that for all drop-in ice sessions, advanced online registration is required for all users. An online login for UBC Recreation’s new registration system is required. If you have not recently set up a new login, please follow the link below prior to registering for a drop-in ice session.

Prices & Rentals

  UBC Student UBC Staff / Faculty Child / Youth UNA Child / Youth Adult UNA Adult Senior 65+ UNA Senior
Public Skating Free $4.00  $4.00  $3.50  $6.00  $5.00  $5.00  $4.50
Figure Skating $3.00  $6.00  $8.00  $6.00  $8.00  $6.00  $5.00  $4.00
Drop-In Hockey $3.00  $9.00  $13.00  $11.00  $13.00  $11.00  $13.00  $11.00
Family Hockey $3.00  $5.00  $4.00  $3.50  $6.50  $5.50  $5.00  $4.50
Stick & Puck $3.00  $5.00  $4.00  $3.50  $6.50  $5.50  $5.00  $4.00
Helmet Rental $4.00 
Skate Rental $4.00

Drop-In Session Rules

  • All participants 12 years of age and younger must wear a CSA approved Hockey Helmet
  • CSA approved hockey helmets are strongly recommended for all participants
  • Bicycle helmets are not permitted
  • All participants must check in at the Proshop and sign a waiver form (except public skating) — may be amended
  • Anyone perceived under the influence of drugs and alcohol will be refused entry
  • Student or Government issued ID is required for a pinny
  • Unauthorized coaching and / or lessons not permitted
  • Participants are not allowed on ice until Zamboni has left the ice surface
  • All participants skate at their own risk
  • All participants must wear CSA approved hockey helmets
  • No goalies, games or scrimmages
  • No training devices permitted on the ice
  • All participants 16 years of age or younger must be accompanied by an adult at all times on the ice - if not, they will have to leave the ice
  • Maximum 30 participants allowed on the ice at any given time
  • Full equipment required, including CSA approved hockey helmets
  • Government issued photo ID required for participants 16 years of age or older
  • No body-checking or unnecessary contact
  • All participants are required to sign up on the day of the ice time
  • Those who do not arrive on time risk losing their reserved spot (may need to amend)
  • Maximum 26 skaters and 2 goalies
  • All participants 12 years of age and under must wear CSA approved hockey helmets
  • All participants are strongly recommended to wear CSA approved hockey helmets and gloves
  • All participants must wear skates while on the ice
  • No carrying children on the ice - strollers are permitted and helmets are required
  • No speed skates, ice digging with skate blades, jumps or spins permitted
  • No snowball, throwing objects, fast skating, or cutting in & out permitted
  • No games, sticks, pucks or balls,
  • No food or beverages permitted on the ice
  • All participants must wear figure skates
  • No games, sticks, pucks or balls allowed on ice