3 on 3 Full-Ice Hockey Tournament

The UBC TAHL  3 on 3 Full-Ice Hockey Tournament is back! Designed by players, for players; recreational participants will enjoy a fast-paced game with lots of goals, high-light saves, and fun post-game celebrations. Last year was a major success with 6 teams competing for the CUP.

This 1-day event hosted at UBC’s beautiful Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Centre, home of the Thunderbird Adult Hockey League (TAHL), is the only one of its kind in the B.C.

Important Details

Event Date: Saturday December 21, 2019

Time: Full-day tournament with games scheduled all day. Schedule will be released after registration is complete.

Tournament Format: Teams play a minimum of four games in a round robin, followed by elimination playoff games for the rights to win the CUP. Games are 22 minutes running time, with three minutes of warm-up. Game day operations will include food options, tournament scoreboard, as well as a scorekeeper, one official per game, and event staff. There will NOT be sale of alcohol at the event, but instead team’s will receive F&B vouchers for their team at a nearby F&B sponsor.


Registration Closes: Friday December 13, 2019

Roster Size: Minimum five players (4 skaters + 1 goalie). Maximum ten players (9 skaters + 1 goalie)


  • $500 for current TAHL Teams
  • $650 for teams not currently registered in the TAHL
  • See below for individual registrants

All divisions are Co-ed.

  • AAA/Junior+
  • AA
  • Recreational AA
  • Recreational A

*Tournament organizer will create new divisions if necessary based on caliber/number of registrants*

How Can I Register?

    • Register online through the appropriate course code:
    • TAHL Teams: Course Code #27274
    • Non-TAHL Teams: Course Code #27275
    • Individual Registrant: Course Code #27276


    • Call the tournament organizer, Mike Nardi; 604-827-4936 and register your team via phone

Registration Details for Captains:
Upon registration, captains will be prompted to provide the tournament organizer background on your team’s hockey skill level. Based on the information provided, teams will be slotted into the appropriate division. Once placed, the tournament organizer will contact the captain to verify the team’s position. At this point, Captains may request to move divisions. Each division will contain 4-6 teams depending on registration across the divisions.


Additional Details 

Individual registration is available at a flat rate of $90 per player.

There are 2 ways to get involved as a single.

  1. You are placed on an existing team in need of players.
  2. A new team is formed: teams of individual registrants are required to have a minimum roster of eight players (7 skaters + 1 goalie).

Goalies are exempt from the tournament fee, but must email the tournament organizer: Mike Nardi at michael.nardi@ubc.ca to put their name on the list.

AAA/Junior+ - Most division 1 Rec League players across any  league, current or recently graduated Junior or Pro players. This division is highly competitive, has no ceiling on the ability of skaters and should only be considered if your team can handle a constant back and forth pace at high speed.

AA - Men's League players, Division 1-3 TAHL range, not-so recently graduated Junior or Pro players. This division is competitive and will fit most point-getting rec league players.

Recreational AA - Most recreational league players, division 4-8 TAHL range. This division is still competitive and for all skaters with a number of years of recreational hockey played.

Please Note:

Non-TAHL teams may be subject to performance review by the tournament organizer if it is unclear what the skill level of the team will be. 

The player filling out the team registration will be named captain and main contact for the team unless otherwise advised..

The tournament organizer will contact team captains to obtain a roster in the week prior to the tournament.

The tournament organizer has the ability to refuse entrance to any teams for whatever reason.

TAHL teams not in financial good-standing with the league will not be allowed to participate until their balances are reconciled.