UBC Recreation hosts iconic events nearly every week throughout the school year at varying levels of competition. Whether you register as a team with your friends, or you want to sign up as an individual to meet people with similar interests, there’s always something fun to do to get moving.

Latest News for Intramurals

Face-Off at the Floorball Championship


What is the European sport of Floorball? If you said, “a 5-on-5 sport similar to ball hockey but with different sticks and a whiffle ball”, you nailed it and are officially invited to UBC Recreation Intramurals’ new tournament Floorball Championship! If you said anything else… don’t worry, you’re definitely still invited.



What is Floorball?

Traditionally, it’s a 5-on-5 game, but we’ll be taking our own spin on it and making it a 3-on-3 tournament. That means you’ll need yourself and AT LEAST 3 friends (3 players and a goalie!), but it’s a fast-paced game and you’ll want to recruit some extra friends for substitutes. We recommend having around 7 players, so you all get to play! Make a team roster with your floor, with your faculty buddies, with your Intramurals team, or with some friends. Or, hey, you could always shoot your shot (see what we did there?) and ask that cutie in your advanced Plant Sciences class.


So, what can you expect from Floorball Championship?

  • Think indoor ball hockey played using slightly shorter sticks.
  • The ball is basically a whiffle ball.
  • There’s no contact, no touching the ball with hands (except the goalie)


It’s easy to pick up, and you’ll even get a 10 minute learn-to-play before the tournament! Post-tutorial, you’re off to the races with 3 games round-robin style, which are about 20 minutes each. That’s when it gets real… there’s playoffs and finals at the end of your time slot, and you know what that means. It’s champ shirt time, and you know you’ve always wanted one/need another one for your collection.


Floorball Championship is going down on Friday, November 2nd with your choice of time slot: 5-7pm, 7-9pm, or 9-11pm. We’ll see you there, wearing athletic clothes and shoes, with your student ID in hand. No need for any equipment, we have you covered. Bring your team spirit, and get ready for an epic competition… and the possibility of a 2018 champ shirt?


Check out our event page!

Registration deadline: October 29th@ 5pm

Team roster submission deadline: October 31st@ 5pm

The Amazing Chase | A UBC First

On Thursday, October 25th, UBC Recreation Intramurals is introducing a new event for students called “The Amazing Chase”! The Amazing Chase is an afternoon event where participants run around campus and complete a series of tasks and games that test their problem-solving skills and UBC knowledge, with some help from their smart phones. This event is a play on The Amazing Race. For those who are not familiar, it’s like a scavenger hunt… but with obstacles!

Reasons why should YOU sign-up:

Anyone can participate– you don’t need to be particularly athletic, or know much about campus!

This is a great way to get moving– have fun and learn more about UBC! All you need is a pair of runners and a smartphone.

You only require one other person to compete- teams are made up of two people. There will be snacks after the final challenge, and the winning team will win a big prize pack including two passes to UBC’s Winter Classic, a champ shirt and another surprise … compete to find out!!

What should you bring:

Portable Phone Charger

This could be helpful, or make sure the phone is fully charged before starting!

Layers of Clothing

This event will take place rain or shine! You’ll be running a bit, so you may get warm further along in the race.

Student Card

Like all our events, please bring your student card!


Be a part of UBC’s First Ever Amazing Chase- register now!

Registration for The Amazing Chase is open until 5:00 pm, Monday, October 22nd, for all UBC students. Check out the event page for more information and to register you and a friend  for the event on October 25th.

Getting to Pumpkin Run! | October 18

By Transit: You may take the 25 or 33 bus to the Tolmie Street stop, then walk to the Sasamat Street Trailhead to Pacific Spirit Park. Walk down the trail, past the washroom, and you’ll see our staff and registration table. We can’t wait to see you run or walk, and enjoy the festival in beautiful Pacific Spirit Park!

Longboat 2018 Thank you!

UBC Recreation Intramurals would like to thank all teams for participating in Day of the Longboat in 2018. It was a record breaking year as 2018 brought the most teams any Day of the Longboat has ever seen. A special shout out to our winners.

Open CWD: Dilly Dilly
Open Pomfret: E’s At Sea
Open Van Vliet: QMI Win or Drown
Open Story Lett: Floor Four
Open Staff: Science Advising Sailors
Open Community: Center for Group Counselling & Trauma
W2STGN CWD: Usain Boat
W2STGN Story Lett: Mawder is Hotter
CoRec CWD: Have Yu Xin Us?
CoRec Pomfret: Buoy to the World
CoRec Van Vliet: heart&strokes
CoRec Keenleyside: Mr.KINoe
CoRec Staff: That’s a Paddling
CoRec Community: Usain Boat
Clubs: Ski Birds
Alumni: The Spirit Crushers
President’s Challenge: UBC Building Operations

Please join us for upcoming Intramural events and Day of the Longboat in 2019!

Registration is now open for 2018 Pumpkin Run

Join in on this fun filled relay or individual run race through the beautiful trails of Pacific Spirit Park!

Come out for festive activities, pie and the continuation of the triple crown.