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Race Details

  • When: Saturday, March 9, 2024
  • Where: UBC Vancouver campus
  • Race Package Pick-Up & Expo: Thursday, March 7, 2024 6-9PM
  • Registration deadline: Sunday, February 4, 2024 11:59PM

What to Know Before You Register


We offer our commemorative T-shirt's in  XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL. Order yours online when you register! Contact ubc.triathlon@ubc.ca for more information.

Race Rules

For the safety of all participants and spectators, all competitors must follow the rules of Triathlon BC.  It is recommended that participants visit the Triathlon BC website and familiarize yourself with the rules.
Some Highlights:

  • No headsets or headphones (iPods and other music devices) on the run or cycle
  • Helmet must be securely fastened from the time you remove your bicycle from the rack at the start of the cycle, until after they have placed their bicycle on the rack at the finish of the cycle
  • Competitors must mount and dismount their bicycle at the designated area or line
  • Cycling is not permitted in the Cycle Transition area
  • Drafting (riding within 10 meters of another participant) is not permitted
  • For passing on the cycle route, participants are asked to ride on the right side of the lane and to pass on the left side of the lane
  • Turn around points - there are a number of 180-degree turn around points on the cycle course, reduce speed and use caution

We also have strict guidelines for keeping your race on schedule - UBC Recreation will disqualify participants that exceed the maximum swim times: Olympic - 45 minutes, Sprint/Relay, - 28 minutes Short - 20 minutes. Participants disqualified for exceeding the swim time will be asked to leave the pool and may continue on to the cycling and run portions on the race, but will not be ranked.

Route Maps

Coming Soon Winter 2024

Volunteers Needed!

We're always looking for volunteers to help make this event a success! You'll have a blast with our staff, get a complimentary volunteer shirt, and we'll provide you with food throughout your shift. Opportunities are available at registration, finish line, and on race route. Sign up by filling out our volunteer form.

Prepping for Race Day

Relay Waiver

All members of relay teams must be present to sign a waiver in order to receive the team's race package.

Race Package Pick-Up

Race packages can be picked up on race day, or save time and collect your race package on Thursday, March 7th at the UBC Vancouver campus at the Robert H Lee Alumni Centre from 6 to 9PM. You'll need to show Government photo ID and sign a waiver only if you are part of a relay team. Your race package will come in a UBC Triathlon branded bag and includes your race number and safety pins, event information and race day procedures, sponsor products, upcoming event information and a few race goodies. This bag will serve as your wet bag on race day,  Details about race package pickup will be sent to participants after the registration deadline.-->

Wet Bag Process

Participants will be given a bag when they pick up their race package. Fill it with anything you would like to have following your swim (e.g. towel, change of clothes, flip flops) and drop it off with our staff on the pool deck on Race Day. After your swim, your wet bag will be handed to you as you exit the pool and before you get changed. You can also leave your wet bag at the pool and it will be available at cycle trans following your race.

Have Further Questions?

If you have any further questions please feel free to email ubc.triathlon@ubc.ca or phone at 604-822-9052

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