Free Agent & Single Participants

How do I find or create a team?

The quickest way to find a team for all intramural leagues, tournaments, and events is to talk to people in your classes, faculties, clubs, residences, and among your friends to find people who are also interested in participating in one of our dozens of programs. Once you’ve got at least the minimum number of players to sign up, you can register online.

What if I still can’t find a team?

1. Free Agent Facebook Group

UBC Recreation Intramurals hosts a Facebook Group where players who are looking for a team, and teams that are looking for more players can be connected.  Please use the program specific threads for the league or event(s) you are interested in participating in. For a more detailed listing of possible play times for all league sports, please check out the individual days of play listed on each league page.

2. Attend the Free Agent Meeting | January 11, 2024

The Free Agent meeting is an opportunity to meet like-minded individuals looking to form a team for Intramurals Leagues. Individuals who form a team at the meeting will have an opportunity to register on the spot.

3. Register for a Free Agent Team (Only Available for Day of the Longboat & Storm the Wall) 

Most special events will have one or two teams where you can register as an individual and be joined together with other people looking for a team. These activities are generally labelled as “Free Agent” and will be listed with a registration price that is to sign-up as an individual.



Robert Gayton Leadership Award | Submit Nominations

March 21, 2024

On behalf of the entire Intramural program, we would like to say thank you for your participation in this year’s leagues, tournaments, and events. We are incredibly excited to announce the continuation of the Robert Gayton Leadership Award in Recreation for 2024!

Intramural Volunteer Staff | Apply by Mar 27

March 1, 2024

Applications for Intramural Volunteer Staff positions for the 2024/25 academic year are now live! If you’re eager to join the Intramural Volunteer Staff community as an Assistant Director, apply by March 27.