President Santa Ono participating in Day of the Longboat

UBC President’s Challenge – Paddle, Run, Storm

What is the President’s Challenge?

The President’s Challenge is a challenge issued by the University of British Columbia President to seven groups on campus to participate in a competition over the course of the school year in three iconic UBC events: Day of the Longboat, the Great Trek Relay, and Storm the Wall. In short you will Paddle, Run, Storm. Over the course of the year, these groups will assemble teams for each of these events in the hopes of winning all three of them.

What is Involved?

If a group accepts the President’s invite, they are committed to participate in all three of the following events over the course of the year. They do not have to send the same people repeatedly, but they do need to be from the same group/department (ex. Building Operations or SHHS) to try and win each event. Compete for trophies, championship t-shirts, and University bragging rights.

Teams of any gender composition are welcome to participate and we welcome folks of all genders. We do encourage a greater representation of UBC faculty and staff to participate.

The cost of the President’s challenge is completely free!

Day of the Longboat Start

Day of the LongBoat

Saturday September 28, 2019
Titled as the largest voyageur canoe race, Day of the LongBoat brings over 3000 students every year to Jericho Beach. Paddle with eight to ten team members in a 2.5km voyageur canoe race in a UBC experience you will not forget!

Key times: Clinic time 10:15AM. Race time: 11:00AM. Please do not be late!

Great Trek Race at UBC

Great Trek Relay

Saturday October 26, 2019
This race has roots back to 1920 before the Point Grey Campus existed. This event was established to bring awareness to the cause of building a University and is a shining example of student leadership at UBC. Come run the beautiful UBC campus and learn about the history of the Musqueam people on the lands of the UBC Vancouver campus. The Great Trek Relay consists of a four-person relay team where each runner completes a 2km segment.

President Ono at Storm the Wall

Storm the Wall

Tuesday March 24, 2019
North America’s largest intramural event, this iconic UBC event that brings out 3500 people every year to swim, sprint, bike, run, and Storm a 12 foot wall! How many people can say that they have climbed over a twelve-foot vertical wall? Each Storm the Wall team consists of five people where one person swims, one sprints, one bikes, one run’s and then your entire team climbs over the wall together.

Why Participate?

UBC can be much more than a work place. It can be a space where you can build friendships with your colleagues, stay active and above all else have some fun. The President’s Challenge is an opportunity to engage in all of these activities as well as spend time with and compete against Santa Ono in historic UBC events.


Alex Northey, Intramural Event Coordinator