Alex Chen


Alex is currently in his fifth year in the faculty of Kinesiology at UBC. He’s always been engaged in an active lifestyle through extracurricular sports including volleyball, basketball, badminton, and weight lighting. Sports and physical activity have played an integral role in his lifestyle today. He believes in that exercise can be a fun activity that can be incorporated into everybody’s lifestyle. 

Alex is excited to apply his sports and health background to help others and watch them succeed. Through his schooling and hard work, he has grown to appreciate the benefits of exercise as it has helped him build his physique, health, and improve his self confidence. 

He will create a program that will push you towards your goals while being enjoyable and supporting you through your fitness journey. 

Programs Taught


Strength Training
Weight Loss
Beginner Fitness Programs
Gaining Muscle
Cardiorespiratory Endurance


Fifth year Kinesiology at UBC
CPR and AED Certified