Benjamin Yoon


Meet Benjamin! He is one of our newest Personal Trainers, and he brings excitement and enthusiasm to every workout.

Not knowing much about fitness or exercise at a young age, Ben initially viewed the gym as an intimidating place. However, due to his involvement in sports growing up, he was willing to give strength training a try, and was hooked ever since. Through countless hours of research, training, and learning from others, he began his fitness journey in high-school, and decided to dedicate his life to strength training. From there, as his passion for training grew, he enrolled into UBC’s Kinesiology Program, which ultimately inspired him to become a Personal Trainer.

As Ben experienced feelings of self-doubt and uncertainty when beginning his fitness journey, he understands the nerves that come along with first working out. As a result, one of his biggest motivations is to give back to his community, and help others become more confident in themselves through exercise.

With Ben’s acquired Kinesiology expertise and his background in bodybuilding, he knows techniques and exercises that promote progress to reach his clients’ goals.

If you ever see Ben around campus, feel free to say hi, as he is always willing to chat, and talk about exercise!


Strength and Hypertrophy Training
Body Building and Recomposition (Muscle Gain and Fat Loss)
Core Strength / Stability Training