Cameron Fay


Cameron graduated with a Bachelor of Kinesiology degree and is a current Master of Physiotherapy student at UBC. He has an easy-going and relaxed approach during his personal training sessions and customizes workouts to align with your specific goals. He is an advocate of tracking measurable change. He has helped many clients lose weight and build muscle with results to show for it. Coming from an athletic background as a former varsity volleyball player, he has wide knowledge about many different exercise variations, stretches and nutrition.

Cameron has strong communication and interpersonal skills and is able to work with anyone to tailor their workout programs to align with their fitness goals, whether it be anything from weight loss to strength/hypertrophy training.



Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP-CPT)

UBC Bachelors of Kinesiology

UBC Master of Physiotherapy Student



“Cameron is a fantastic personal trainer! I am a professor at UBC, and found Cameron to be thoughtful, attentive, and motivating in the workouts that he tailor-made for my needs. He was keenly attuned to safety at the same time as he pushed me to my personal limit and helped me to meet my fitness goals. He is respectful, well organized and keeps up with the most recent research on best practices in improving physical fitness.”

— Previous Client


Weight loss
Muscle gain
Muscle toning
Strength/performance training
Nutritional advice