Dion Wu


Dion has been training in the martial arts for the past 15 years. He has practiced Karate, Chinese Kung-Fu, Western Boxing, Western Kickboxing, Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.
Dion is a purple belt under Rafael Lovato Jr. brown belt, Kabir Bath. Professor Lovato is considered the most accomplished non-Brazilian grappler in history.  Dion has been training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for the past 4 years and is an active competitor with the goal of transitioning in to Mixed Martial Arts in the future. Dion also actively trains in kickboxing under the tutelage of the Jaunceys, which includes Josh Jauncey; Josh Jauncey is ranked #4 in the world in the lightweight category of kickboxing.
Dion has been an active coach for the past 6 years, his goal when he coaches is to share his passion of the martial arts with those around him. He has coached primarily in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for the past few years, and he enjoys it almost as much as he enjoys training himself. Dion understands that everyone learns at their own pace, and he knows that one person may only take a single class to learn a technique, while another may need a couple weeks or even a month. He just wants to instill the passion to learn, in everyone he interacts with. He believes that practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu should show you that through dedication and hard work you can achieve anything in life, and that a person learns to fight so that they never have to. Once you start Jiu-Jitsu, you should never really stop, it is a life-long journey with the goal of perfection, even though it is widely known that perfection is something that no one will ever achieve. Dion wants to establish a learning environment where ego is checked at the door, and everyone is open and close with one other; showing each other their techniques, their own concepts, and style so that we may all grow together.

Photo: ReyMartinPhotographs