Evan Wu


Evan is a Kinesiology Student at UBC, who played a variety of sports growing up, both at a recreational and competitive level. Evan loves to stay active, and enjoys a wide array of physical activities, as he is always keen on trying new things!

Evan worked as an independent CFES Certified Personal Trainer after graduating from high school, and gained experience working with a diverse group of clients with different backgrounds. He has supported and guided his clients through their weight loss journey, and has further assisted them in building muscular strength and size. Most importantly, he has motivated his clients to stay active, and encouraged them to maintain the healthy habits they learned under his training.

For the past five years, Evan has grown a passion for bodybuilding, as well as strength training; and has devoted plenty of his time to learning, and teaching others about bodybuilding and nutrition.

Do not hesitate to reach out to him when you see him around the gym: he has a strong drive to learn, grow, and apply his knowledge to help others!


Body Recomposition (Muscle Gain & Fat Loss)
Strength and Hypertrophy Training
Nutritional Guidance