Grace Cheung


Grace is a 4th-year Kinesiology student at UBC who enjoys guiding and accompanying people through their fitness journey, and most importantly, bringing positive impacts to each individual’s life. Grace used to be a competitive table tennis athlete, cross-country runner, long-distance hiker and have extensive experience in coaching. She is passionate about sports and actively engages in a variety of sports, including skiing, scuba-diving, wake-surfing, and many more.

Having worked with strength-and-conditioning trainers and physiotherapists during internships, she is confident in working with individuals from different backgrounds and physical levels, ranging from clinical populations to elite athletes. And having witnessed her own physical change (weight loss and sprained ankle recovery) before and after training with a trainer, she believe that she is able to understand your needs and help you to achieve your goals in a fun and attainable way that is tailored to your physical abilities.


Programs Taught


Weight Loss
Improve Overall Health
Improve Body Composition
Muscle Toning and Lean Muscle Gain
Postural Imbalance
Beginner Fitness Programs
Strength Training
Cardiovascular Training


NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) Certified Personal Trainer
Fourth-year Kinesiology Student at UBC
First Aid, CPR and AED Level C