James Chartier


With 30 years experience, James holds multiple black belts, certificates and gold medals in Jujutsu, Karate, and Judo. The majority of training is in practical street self defense (last 16 years) in Krav-Maga & Combat Jujutsu. Students James has trained in classes include security staff, law enforcement and the general public of all ages.

Teaching Philosophy: Krav Maga (Hebrew: “Contact Combat”) is the Israeli military system combining techniques from multiple martial arts along with realistic street attack scenarios. With a focus on constant evolution, it features real-world situations along with efficient and brutal counter attacks designed for women & men of all size/ages. Krav Maga teaches skills to diffuse confrontation but to then finish a fight as quickly as possible when necessary. Students build confidence and are empowered with practical self defense (mental and physical), preventative strategies as well as protection from stand-up, ground, multi-attacker, weapons and more. All training is done in a fun, respectful and egoless environment where everyone works together to accomplish there goals. The result is a confident, aware and empowered individual that criminals don’t want to target in the first place! Learn more at: hitandrunselfdefense.com


Krav Maga Black Belt and certified Israeli Krav International instructor, Combat Jujutsu Black Belt & senior instructor (IFOJJ), Karate Black belt (GoJu-Ryu) certified Japan/Canada. Director Hit and Run Self Defense street safety and personal protection programs including Krav-Jitsu.

Other certificates include: The Ultimate Martial Arts Workshop, Total Submission Personal Protection and Fighting sciences, Level 1, 2 & 3 Nightclub Protection (public relations, legal issues, security operations, personal protection and combat control tactics), assistant instructor. Total Impact Instructor for women in areas of combat psychology, offensive fighting skills, strategy and tactics.

Emergency Certifications: First Aid, CPR and AED (Red Cross)