Jennifer Lim


Jennifer is a third-year Kinesiology student who has always been passionate about all aspects of fitness and health. Throughout her life, she has partaken in many physical activities such as basketball, volleyball, track, and weightlifting. 


After training for the past five years and competing in two weightlifting competitions, Jennifer has incorporated both powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting into her regular training. She believes that power and strength not only builds one’s overall confidence, but also one’s overall health and wellbeing. 

Jennifer will create a well-balanced program to meet your goals through a variety of exercises and will continuously motivate you throughout your fitness journey.

Programs Taught


Strength Training
Weight Loss
Improved Confidence
Reduced Stress
Increased Mobility and Flexibility
Increased Power


3rd year Kinesiology Student at UBC

First Aid, CPR and AED Certified