Jennifer Louie


Jennifer is a Senior Biology student at UBC, who is a strong advocate for health and fitness.

She became a personal trainer because she is passionate about helping others reach their fitness goals, much like how others had helped her in her own fitness journey. Jennifer has always been active by playing sports growing up and fell in love with weight training when she was introduced to it in university. She strongly believes that being active is not only important for physical health, but mental well-being as well.

Jennifer aims to empower clients in feeling more confident in their body and abilities, both inside and outside the gym. She is dedicated to building a realistic, personalized program based on her clients’ goals and lifestyles, ensuring both an enjoyable and sustainable approach to their training.

Jennifer will use her knowledge as an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and her strong interpersonal skills to work closely with her clients to ensure that they are having an effective but fun experience, as she believes that there is something for everybody.

She is always more than happy to talk or help in any way, so if you ever see her around don’t be afraid to say hi!


Improved Confidence
Strength and Hypertrophy Training
Core Strength / Stability Training