Jesse Weise


Jesse’s focus and passion as a teacher is helping students to bring their heart into dance and rediscover their natural, uninhibited ability to move. Her mom says she kicked a lot in the womb. Jesse says that she wasn’t kicking – she was already dancing!
Jesse has over twenty years of experience teaching. She has a strong technical background in Jazz, Modern, Lyrical, Ballet, and gymnastics. She studied dance in Los Angeles and New York, performed in musicals, danced commercially. She’s now settled in Vancouver to perform and teach.
Jesse loves to move and express herself through art. She’s a singer-songwriter who performs and records heart-full music. She’s also a professional potter. You can find her work in homes and restaurants throughout the world. She loves how making pottery is another movement discipline: like dancing, it involves flow, centeredness, and creativity.
In Jesse’s words: “Children dance effortlessly and ecstatically – until they’re told to sit still and be less energetic. Training in dance is an opportunity to recover that natural ability to joyfully move.”