Joanne Soh


Joanne migrated from the corporate world to the fitness arena to pursue her passion for equipping individuals with the skills of strength, mobility, flexibility, resilience, power.  As a coach/trainer, she works with a wide range of clients, customizing sustainable programs from time-tested modalities, and with personal trainers in power lifting and kettlebell skills.  As a group fitness instructor, she teaches some 20 classes per week with formats incorporating dumb bells, kettle bells, barbells, sandbells, TRX, etc along with indoor cycling and aquatics based workouts. Joanne continues to grow her craft by attending seminars, workshops and acquiring knowledge from such experts as Dr Stuart McGill and Pavel Tsatsouline. With 7 years of experience, she has received awards for excellence as a personal trainer, and among her notable credentials, she is the StrongFirst certified kettlebell instructor — one of only 6 in BC with SFG Level II.   


StrongFirst SFG II

Flexible Steel Instructor

TRX RIP Instructor

Hydroboard Fitness Instructor 

Personal Trainer Specialist

Fitness Instructor Specialist 

Nutrition & Wellness Specialist