Joanne Soh


Joanne migrated from the corporate world to the fitness arena to pursue her passion for equipping individuals with the skills of strength, mobility, flexibility, resilience, power.

As a coach/trainer, she works with a wide range of clients, customizing sustainable programs from time-tested modalities, and with personal trainers in power lifting and kettlebell skills.

As a group fitness instructor, she teaches some 20 classes per week with formats incorporating dumb bells, kettle bells, barbells, sand bells, TRX, and others, along with indoor cycling and aquatics-based workouts. Joanne continues to grow her craft by attending seminars, workshops and acquiring knowledge from such experts as Dr. Stuart McGill, and Pavel Tsatsouline.

With 7 years of experience, she has received awards for excellence as a personal trainer, and among her notable credentials, she is the StrongFirst certified kettlebell instructor: one of only 6 in BC with SFG Level II!


  • StrongFirst SFG II
  • Flexible Steel Instructor
  • TRX RIP Instructor
  • Hydroboard Fitness Instructor
  • Personal Trainer Specialist
  • Fitness Instructor Specialist
  • Nutrition & Wellness Specialist