Justin Carless


Justin has a combined 12 years of martial arts experience across several disciplines, but predominantly under the umbrella of Kung Fu. He has studied Seven-Star Mantis style Kung Fu, Muay Thai, contemporary wushu, and traditional lion dance. His primary focus during this time, however, was Sanshou (also known as Sanda), a Chinese kickboxing style that combines striking with grappling, wrestling, and take-down techniques. Am tournament in the 75+kg continuous sparring category.


In addition to his training, Justin has extensive teaching and judging experience. He has been a substitute teacher for the UBC Kung Fu Association and has served as a Sanshou corner judge at several Vancouver local and international martial arts tournaments, including Tiger Balm International and Can-Am International. He has also competed in the Can-Am tournament in the 75+kg continuous sparring category.


Justin is looking forward to sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm with the UBC community by teaching kickboxing classes starting in September 2019. 


Programs Taught