Karan Jhurani


Karan is a Senior Commerce student and works as a Personal Trainer at UBC.

In high school, Karan played basketball competitively. After coming to UBC, he transitioned to weight lifting, and has focused on leading a healthy lifestyle ever since.

Having a deep understanding of how exercising and nutrition impact physical and mental health, Karan wanted to help others experience the benefits too. He got certified with CANFITPRO, and has worked as a Personal Trainer for the past two years.

Karan believes in developing a sustainable approach to fitness by helping clients master the fundamentals behind working out, and healthy eating. Using his deep knowledge and strong interpersonal skills, Karan is focused on enabling his clients to achieve their long-term fitness goals.

If you see Karan in the gym, do not hesitate to ask him about his favourite exercises, and top nutrition tips!


Body Recomposition (Muscle Gain & Fat Loss)
Strength Training
Nutritional Guidance