Kevin Fox


Kevin has worked as a Personal Trainer with the City of Vancouver for the past four years.
During this time, he has had the joy of helping clients live their best life through exercise, diet and lifestyle.


Aided by third year studies in Biochemistry, Kevin’s approach involves setting clear goals,
using research-supported methods and finding out what works best for you as an individual.


Having experimented with everything from P90X through Powerlifting, Kevin’s all-time favorite programs include German Volume Training, 20 Rep Squat Routine and FST-7. Whether you’re just beginning or have been training for years, Kevin is sure to have something new to show you.

Programs Taught

Personal Training


ARC Saturday Boot Camp – Sat – 11:00 AM– 11:55 AM – Student – Staff/UNA – Public


Strength and size gains
Improved body composition
Core training
Dietary and lifestyle strategies


Can Fit Pro Personal Training Specialist

First Aid, CPR C & AED

3rd Year Biochemistry