Kiernan Nichols


Kiernan Nichols is a 4th year Kinesiology student with a passion for optimizing physical and mental health. Having participated a variety of activities (Soccer, Dance, Yoga, Water Polo, and more) Kiernan is well equipped to train people of all levels and skill sets! He is excited to incorporate his knowledge from many fields to provide a holistic approach to health and fitness.


As an entrepreneur, professional chef and student, Kiernan understands the importance of balance and efficiency in day to day life. He believes that exercise is a crucial part of staying mentally and physically fit while pursuing ones goals. He will create a program that fits your preferences and goals and help get you on the right track!

Programs Taught

Personal Training


Beginner Boot Camp – Tue – 4:30 PM– 5:25 PM – Student – Staff/UNA – Public



Improved Body Composition
Increased Power/ Strength
Endurance and Conditioning
Core Stability
Increased Agility
Increased Self-Confidence
Balancing Studies and Health


First Aid Certification 

CPR-C and AED Certification

4th Year Kinesiology Student