Kristiina Oinonen


Kristiina is committed to a life-long journey of yoga as a way of balancing modern living, work, wellness and community. Her goal is to provide a strong Hatha Flow class, where everybody– regardless of level or skill – is included, challenged and fulfilled. She aims to make yoga accessible, non-intimidating and above all, enjoyable. She celebrates every day with gratitude for the incredible opportunity to teach and study yoga.

Kristiina was inspired by her history of competitive Figure Skating to the take on this path. Movement has always been sacred to her. The feeling  of freedom, dance, flight and fluidity is what motivates her. As well as the wonder of how the body anatomy and physiology work with the divine to collectively rejuvenate and heal the body and mind.

Kristiina invites you to be playful in your practice, remembering that lightness is found in spirit!