Leuna Sherif


Leuna is a third-year student working towards a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology degree at UBC. She chose kinesiology because of her lifelong interest in helping people reach their fitness and lifestyle goals. Outside school, Leuna spends her free time hiking, swimming and playing volleyball. She spent the last few years working with various trainers and kinesiologists in multiple gyms, which has provided her with valuable insight into the world of fitness. Through these experiences, Leuna has learned the importance of efficient exercise programs and proper nutrition when it comes to health and fitness.

Leuna will use her kinesiology knowledge and work experience to personalize exercise programs for you, so they are tailored to your goals. She understands that life is all about balance so her programs will be designed to work around your lifestyle and commitments. Leuna’s mission is to help you reach your fitness goals in an enjoyable way so you always leave feeling a bit more confident after each session.

Programs Taught


Strength Training
Weight Loss
Improved Confidence
Reduced Stress
Increased Flexibility
Lean Mass Gain