Loretta Siu


Loretta tried yoga for the first time during her second year of UBC many, many years ago. She can still distinctly remember how weird it felt moving in ways that were completely new to her. But she kept going back and the more she practiced, the more she felt both the physical and mental benefits – her back pain went away and she became a nicer person!

After practicing yoga for over ten years, she finally took the leap and completed her teacher training. What was initially just meant to be a step in her own personal growth and development progressed into so much more. She realised that sharing yoga with other people brought her immense joy and she had to keep doing it.

Her classes are uplifting – she strives to create a warm, welcoming space and encourages introspection and exploration. She also brings a genuine intention of making yoga accessible and fun. Whether it’s a slow, relaxing class or a fiery, powerful class, her hope is always that you will leave the class feeling better than when you came in.

Programs Taught

SprSum19/ W19:

Flow Yoga – Mon – 5:00 PM – 5:55 PM
Flow Yoga – Wed – 12:00 PM – 12:55 PM