Louisa Weizmann


A full time self defense instructor (Hit and Run Self Defense), Louisa has over 25 years experience, holds multiple black belts and is one of the few female street safety specialists in North America. With gold/silver medals in various fighting arts, she empowers students by providing realistic training and practical self defense classes for all ages.


Krav Maga Black Belt and certified Israeli Krav International instructor, Combat Jujutsu Black Belt instructor (IFOJJ). Karate Black belt (GoJu-Ryu) certified Japan/Canada teacher and women’s self defense specialist. Director Hit and Run Self Defense street safety and personal protection programs including Krav-Jitsu.

Other certificates include: S.O.A.R Level 1, 2, 3. Intense wilderness survival training.

Emergency Certification: LEVEL HCP (CPR and AED) designed for Health Care Professionals