Noah Cedarleaf-Pavy


Noah is a high-energy individual with a primary focus on functional and athletic strength. Growing up, he captained his high school soccer, volleyball, and rugby teams; leading them all through regional Southern-African tournaments, and was awarded the Regional MVP in volleyball and soccer two years in a row. Upon graduating, the Athlete of the Century award was created for his many sports contributions to the institution.

Noah began boxing and bodybuilding at the age of 16. In 2014, he took a gap year from UBC to train with a local circus, deepening his understanding of flexibility, isometric endurance, and performance. Since then, he’s ambitiously developed his strength, power, and cardio inside and outside of the gym.

Equally determined to help beginners and veterans, Noah considers exercise life’s best form of stress relief, and an active relationship with our bodies a crucial step toward positive mental health. If you see him in the gym feel free to ask him anything; he’s eager to help!