Prachi Brahmbhatt


Prachi is a fourth-year International Relations major who has pursued her passion for fitness by becoming an ACE Certified Personal Trainer.

Having grown up in an environment where health and wellness were always a priority, Prachi understands the important role that physical activity has, not only in creating a better physique, but also in improving one’s overall mental health.

Prachi first got introduced to weightlifting when she was a competitive track athlete, she quickly fell in love with the gym and more specifically, strength training. Prachi believes everyone deserves to feel confident in their body and hopes to give her clients the tools and accountability needed to achieve their goals, whatever they may be!

Whether you are just starting out or are looking to improve certain components of your training, Prachi’s fundamental knowledge of fitness paired with her enthusiasm and dedication to her clients will help you reach your goals. Prachi is committed to giving you a sense of self-efficacy and confidence in the gym that will positively translate into your everyday life.

If you ever see her around, feel free to say hi as she’s always eager to chat!


Body Recomposition (Muscle Gain & Fat Loss)
Nutritional Guidance / Food Awareness
Strength and Hypertrophy Training