Rebecca Wong Him Yung


Nine years ago, what started off as moral support for a friend lead to regular yoga practice. Armed with a degree in architectural science, Rebecca knew the importance of structural integrity, but her impatience and competitive nature drove her to strive for a posture that simply looked good in a mirror. By using her natural flexibility as a crutch, not only did she compromise her practice, but she invited and provoked injury. When the injuries did occur, and there were many, she was unable to be content with a modified practice and self-prescribed more yoga. An eight year power struggle finally came to a head when she commenced her 200hr YA yoga teacher training journey at Karma Teachers.
Learning the scientific beauty behind the form and function of the asana and that practicing compassion to others can only be achieved if you are truly kind to yourself first, Karma Teachers stripped away years of armour revealing a goofy and creative vulnerability – taking yourself so seriously all the time was no fun at all.
Her classes are a tell tale sign of her love for the performing arts, part improv comedy, classical ballet, circus antics and slam-dunk competition.  She focuses her physical practice on establishing a foundation and letting her movements be dictated by breath. Reflecting on the fact that even in stillness your breath moves your body, why not allow your breath to flow through all of your movements; seduce your body, don’t force it.