Saba Sedighi is a second year kinesiology student who has always been passionate about sports, health and wellness. She has enjoyed an active lifestyle from a young age – she became the captain of her volleyball and basketball teams at age 12 and won a swimming championship at the age of 16. She has also been practicing dance and horseback riding for four years and has been working out since she was 16 years old. 


Saba is familiar with the difficulty of the weight loss journey, as she has lost more than 25 kg by following her own gym schedule and various diets. She has also been researching different diets and has taken food and nutrition courses at UBC, so she is able to provide helpful guidance to clients in terms of nutrition. She can help clients to move from a beginner to advanced level of fitness by designing training programs with various components including core strength training, dumbbell workouts, cardiorespiratory training, and circuit training. Saba is also active in the community beyond the gym, as shown by her involvement in rehabilitation programs for the disabled elderly, and volunteering at the hospital.