Sharon Bulger


Head Community Dragon Boat Coach

A water sport enthusiast since the time she could talk, Sharon has spent much of her life in or on the water. Inspired by her grandparents love of sailing and the opportunities they provided to her at a young age, Sharon was able to dabble in many water sports while growing up. Taking a keen interest in kayaking in her teen years followed by dragon boating in her early 20’s, the love of the water has carried into her adult life. Sharon has a background in people development which has lent itself nicely into the art of coaching. She coached kayaking and led many group kayaking tours for a few years before taking off to university, and has coached dragon boating ever since her return. Sharon believes that coaching is as much about imparting passion and enthusiasm as it is about teaching proper technique and endurance. Sharon loves the sport and strives to pass this on to all those she coaches.