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I stumbled on my first yoga class 12 years ago when I was late for my dance class. I decided to try it and was instantly hooked. I had the best night’s sleep in a long time.

I was leading a stressful lifestyle as a realtor working 12-hour days with late night business dinners. I was fueled by a smoking and coffee addiction. It seemed glamorous from the outside and it was what I thought I wanted. But I knew something had to change. The thing is I didn’t know how to go about it.

Feeling lost, I took my first trip to the bottom of the Himalayas and completed my first 200 Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) hours in traditional Hatha yoga.

I came back to Dubai only to find out my whole life was going to change – I lost both my partner and my father. I felt overwhelmed and battled physical weakness and depression. I got sick and couldn’t train.

Doing what I knew best I decided to fight back. But I had to figure out how to fight life when I was depressed and physically challenged. I knew it would require a different approach. I questioned if I could fight by surrendering, by accepting.
I turned to the mat to stay sane. I delved deeper into the yogic tradition, its spirituality and philosophy. What started as a physical practice turned into a journey of self discovery. I learned to accept myself and practice self love. Like a baby learning to crawl again, I learned to listen to my body, to trust the process and connect.

A few years later, I decided to continue practicing and studying in India and the United States. I finished another 300 hours of YTT followed by different training programs and workshops in Vinyasa, Yin, anatomy, alignment and energy healing.
Seeing a lot of people go through a similar journey silently, I finally took a leap of faith and decided to share what I’ve learned along the way. I want those who feel vulnerable to feel safe and free from judgement – to believe they have the courage to take that first step.

I am passionate about helping others progress in their journey of self mastery and inner strength; helping you listen and connect to your body’s wisdom. Breath by breath we will align our thoughts and feelings in movement. It’s a dance that’s in rhythm with your inner power and in line with your true purpose.

We all have the ability to go on this journey of self-discovery. So whether you’re a beginner, returning after an injury or are an experienced yogi, you can expect to be challenged, energized and gain insight in a way you didn’t think you could.

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Programs Taught


Flow Yoga – Tues – 4:00 PM-4:55 PM


Flow Yoga – Tues – 4:00 PM-4:55 PM
Vinyasa Yoga – Tues – 6:00 PM-6:55 PM