Yolanda Nuanyan Wang


Yolanda is a 5th-year dietetics student at UBC with a minor in Kinesiology. As an ACSM certified personal trainer, her goal is to help clients build active and lifestyles and eventually become strong and confident through fun and evidence-based programs. During her free time, she enjoys dancing, swimming, hiking and paddling. She also volunteered at the BC Shapedown Program for 2 years to help children with weight management issues to participate in exercises and adopt healthy dietary habits. With 20 years of dancing experience, she knows the importance of cross-training and a well-rounded program for performance improvement. She believes exercise is important for people at different fitness levels and is determined to develop different programs to accommodate clients’ needs.


Body Recomposition (Muscle gain, fat loss)
Postural Correction
Strength Training
Nutritional Advice


ACSM Certified Personal Trainer

Canadian Red Cross Emergency First Aid & CPR/AED level A