Nicole Wong

# – Nicole Wong

Position: Right
Weight: lbs
Faculty: Computer Science
Year: 1st
Hometown: Richmond, BC
Roster Year: 2017


Nicole Wong is in her first year majoring in computer science. Although the subject is quite difficult and some lectures are boring, Nicole continues to persevere through the three hour long lectures. When dragon boating came around, she knew she had to join. Dragon boating became her source of joy in high school, amidst the studying and panicking for midterms and finals. Nicole's immediate family are all involved in dragon boating, winning medals in the sport. However, dragon boating was not only part of the family legacy; it was something Nicole legitimately takes joy in, and something that her family shares. Her dad and sister coached her high school team, Against the Current, and she credits them for encouraging her to try out for the UBC Thunderbirds Dragon Boat Sport Club.

"School, while still challenging, is made better by dragon boating. I'm excited to see how our team will improve and compete together, especially at nationals!" - Nicole Wong