Samantha Lam

# – Samantha Lam

Position: Left
Weight: lbs
Faculty: Arts
Year: 1st
Hometown: Vancouver, BC
Roster Year: 2017


Samantha Lam (Sam Lam) is currently in the Faculty of Arts, with a goal to pursue in Theatre: Design and Production.

Sam began paddling in February 2016 with her high school team: Killarney Torpedo Turtles. She decided to try out this sport because of sheer curiosity. She had the honour of being her high school team's captain. Along side her teammates and with the fantastic help from her coaches: Andrew Enders, and William Ngo, the Turtles became a Comp A junior team.

She had always admired UBC's Dragon Boat team. Her high school coaches also happened to be paddlers for UBC.

"It is truly amazing and what a honour to make it on to the team that I have always looked up to. To be honest, I am not a very athletic person, never was. I would literally be panting and sweating running up the staircase of my high school and think: "whew, what a 'workout". Despite my athletic 'skills', I still love this sport. One of the many reasons why I liked dragon boating was because no one can leave me behind during practice or during races like how it is in track, cross country, swimming, etc. We win together, we lose together, everything is 'together'. I joined because of my curiosity and pushiness from my best friend but I stayed for the family." - Samantha Lam