Team Roster

# Name Position Ht Wt (lbs) Faculty Year Hometown Roster
Ava Andersen 4th 2020
Ariel Baena-Tan Arts 1st Toronto, ON 2018
Dk Belisle 5'3'' Land and Food Systems 1st Collingwood, ON 2017
Chiara Benn Arts 3rd London, England 2019
Virgile Bissonnette-Blais 5'4'' Kinesiology 1st Sunapee, NH 2017
Maria Björk Business 3 Falun, Sweden 2015
Jen Boughner Kinesiology 2nd Toronto, CAN 2016
Samantha Boughner 5'3'' Arts 1st Toronto 2017
Jen Boughner Club Lead 5'3'' Kinesiology 3rd Toronto ON 2017
Julia Brown Arts 1 Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON 2015
Julia Brown Arts 2nd Niagara-on-the-Lake, CAN 2016
Tara Brudar 1st Vancouver, BC 2020
Jade Bruemmer Arts 2nd Montréal, CAN 2016
Bryan Cadman Mechanical Engineering 3 Vancouver, BC 2015
Bryan Cadman Applied Sciences 3rd Anmore, CAN 2016
Ryan Chiricosta Engineering 1 Oakville, ON 2015
Ryan Chiricosta Engineering 3rd Oakville, ON 2018
Ryan Chiricosta Engineering 5th Oakville, ON 2020
Constance de Schaetzen 2020
Dimitri Djuricic Civil Engineering 3 Vancouver, BC 2015
Dimitri Djuricic Engineer 5th Vancouver 2017
Mairead Durkin Arts 4th Redding, CT 2020
Max Duso Forestry 1st Vancouver, BC 2018
Massimiliano Duso Executive Geographical Sciences maybe 2nd, 3rd, or 4th? Vancouver, BC 2019
Massimiliano Duso Sciences 4th Vancouver, BC 2020
Thomas Edlen Masters of Hydrotechnical Engineering 6 Portland, Oregon 2015
Jordan Fitzgerald Arts 1 Sun Valley, Idaho 2015
Jordan Fitzgerald Arts 2nd Sun Valley, USA 2016
John Forssander 5'8'' Engineering 1st North Vancouver 2017
John Forssander Engineering 2nd North Vancouver, BC 2018
John Forssander Engineering 3rd North Vancouver, BC 2019
Lilli Freischem Applied Science 3rd Cologne, Germany 2019
Sandra Gerlich Kinesiology - Health Sciences 3 Oakville, ON 2015
Bella Gigone Arts 1st Mississauga, ON 2019
Estelle Godard Arts 3rd Metz, FRA 2016
Paloma Green Science 2nd New York City, NY 2019
Paloma Green Sciences 3rd New York, New York 2020
Katherine Greer Executive 5'5'' Land and Food Systems 2nd Toronto, ON 2017
Katherine Greer Land and Food Systems 3rd Toronto, ON 2018
Annabel Gunn Science 3rd London 2018
Lauren Hale Arts 1 Toronto, ON 2015
Cameron Hale Economics 2 Toronto, ON 2015
Lauren Hale Arts 2nd Toronto, CAN 2016
Lauren Hale Executive Arts 3rd Toronto, On 2017
Cameron Hale Executive Arts 4th Toronto 2017
Lauren Hale Executive Arts 4th Toronto, ON 2018
Lauren Hale Executive Arts 5th Toronto, ON 2019
Jackson Hamersley Applied Sciences 3rd North Vancouver, CAN 2016
Amy Harris Arts 1st Seattle, WA 2018
Amy Harris Arts 2nd Seattle, WA 2019
Amy Harris Arts 3rd Seattle, Washington 2020
Izzy Hope Sauder 3rd Singapore 2019
Luis Hartl Economics 3rd Ingolstadt, Germany 2019
Anastasia Iankovskaia 1st 2020
Kayla Johnston Kinesiology - Health Sciences 4 Kelowna, BC 2015
Pernilla Jonsson 5'8'' Arts 1st West Vancouver 2017
Hannah Kapur Medical School 1st North Vancouver, BC 2018
Justin Kelly Applied Sciences 1st Bragg Creek, CAN 2016
Anastasia Kiku Sauder School of Business 1st Saint-Petersburg, Russia 2017
Anastasia Kiku Executive Sauder 2nd Saint-Petersburg 2018
Anastasia Kiku Executive Sauder 3rd Saint-Petersburg, Russia 2019
Anastasia Kiku Sauder School of Business 4th St. Petersburg, Russia 2020
Jake Klonsky 6' Arts 1st Portland, Oregon 2017
Jake Klonsky Executive Arts 2nd Portland, OR 2018
Jake Klonsky Executive Arts 3rd Portland, OR 2019
Jake Klonsky Arts 4th Portland, Oregon 2020
Emma Lam 2020
Anna Lazzereschi Commerce 1 Genova, Italy 2015
Anna Lazzereschi Commerce 2nd Genova, ITA 2016
Anna Lazzereschi 5'4'' Sauder School of Business 3rd Genova, Italy 2017
Guy Leckenby Masters 2020
Devon Lister Applied Science 1st Vancouver, BC 2019
Claire MacDonald Sauder School of Business 3rd Vancouver, BC 2020
Mélanie Magerstädt Science 1st Zug, Switzerland 2018
Mélanie Magerstädt Executive Science 2nd Zug, Switzerland 2019
Emilie McGuire Arts 1st North Vancouver, BC 2019
Emilie McGuire 2nd North Vancouver, BC 2020
Seafra Kai Meenan 5'9'' Arts 1st Tokyo Japan 2017
Grace Melchers Science 1st Cambridge, ON 2017
Grace Melchers Forestry 2nd Cambridge, ON 2018
Grace Melchers Forestry 3rd Cambridge, ON 2020
Sasha Mouzin Science 3rd Paris, France 2018
Taylor Navi 4th 2020
Helena Newboult Arts 3rd Solihull, England 2018
Antoine Olagne Arts 4th Lyon, FRA 2016
Helene Omdal Applied Science 4th Stavanger 2019
Andreas Petersen Arts 1st Vancouver, BC 2018
Benjamin Pick Arts 4th Lausanne, CHE 2016
Abigail Rice 2020
Tommy Rieder 2020
Ariel Rosen 2020
Jared Rusheleau Forestry 1st Markham, ON 2019
Victor Samyn Forestry 2nd Brussels, Belgium 2019
Victor Samyn Forestry 3rd Brussels, Belgium 2020
Sophie Sargent Science 1st Rochester, MN 2019
Sophie Sargent Sciences 2nd Rochester, Minnesota 2020
Tash Savulescu Arts 3rd Melbourne and Oxford 2019
Oscar Schemmann Science 2nd North Vancouver, BC 2018
Oscar Schemmann Sciences 4th Vancouver, BC 2020
Hassan Sinno 6'1'' Engineer 1st Beirut , Lebanon 2017
Karolina Skupien Arts 3rd Portland, OR 2019
Karolina Skupien Arts 4th Portland, Oregon 2020
Marko Smitran 2020
Eva Streitz Arts 1 Minneapolis, Minnesota 2015
Eva Streitz Arts 2nd Minneapolis, USA 2016
Eva Streitz 5'10'' Arts 3rd Minneapolis 2017
Charlie Sushams Applied Sciences 1st North Vancouver, CAN 2016
Brogan Themens Sauder 1st North Vancouver, BC 2019
Brogan Themens Sauder School of Business 3rd North Vancouver, BC 2020
Florence Thibodeau Science 1st Canada 2017
Florence Thibodeau Science 2nd Montreal, QC 2018
Maggie Thompson Arts 2nd Blenheim, ON 2018
Maggie Thompson Arts 3rd Blenheim, ON 2019
Jamie Vanden Broek Science 1 Burnaby, BC 2015
Jamie Vanden Broek Sciences 2nd Burnaby, CAN 2016
Jamie Vanden Broek Executive 5'7'' Science 3rd Burnaby, BC 2017
Molly Voltz 5'5'' Land and Food Systems 2nd Minneapolis, MN 2017
Molly Voltz Land and Food Systems 3rd Minneapolis, MN 2018
Molly Voltz Land and Food Systems 4th Minneapolis, MN 2019
Michele Warner Kinesiology 1 Thornhill, ON 2015
Michele Warner Kinesiology 2nd Thomhill, CAN 2016
Michele Warner Executive Kinesiology 3rd Thornhill ON 2017
Michele Warner Club Lead Kinesiology 4th Thornhill, ON 2018
Maija Wootton Arts 1st Caledon, CAN 2016
Maija Wootton Forestry 2nd Toronto 2017
Maija Wootton Athlete Council Forestry 3rd Canada 2018
Maija Wootton Forestry 4th Caledon, ON 2019
Vanessa Yau Science 1st Markham, ON 2018
Vanessa Yau Science 2nd Markham, ON 2019
Vanessa Yau Sciences 3rd Markham, ON 2020

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