Team Roster

# Name Position Ht Wt (lbs) Faculty Year Hometown Roster
Ariel Baena-Tan Arts 1st Toronto, ON 2018
Ryan Chiricosta Engineering 3rd Oakville, ON 2018
Max Duso Forestry 1st Vancouver, BC 2018
John Forssander Engineering 2nd North Vancouver, BC 2018
Katherine Greer Land and Food Systems 3rd Toronto, ON 2018
Annabel Gunn Science 3rd London 2018
Lauren Hale Executive Arts 4th Toronto, ON 2018
Amy Harris Arts 1st Seattle, WA 2018
Hannah Kapur Medical School 1st North Vancouver, BC 2018
Anastasia Kiku Executive Sauder 2nd Saint-Petersburg 2018
Jake Klonsky Executive Arts 2nd Portland, OR 2018
Mélanie Magerstädt Science 1st Zug, Switzerland 2018
Grace Melchers Forestry 2nd Cambridge, ON 2018
Sasha Mouzin Science 3rd Paris, France 2018
Helena Newboult Arts 3rd Solihull, England 2018
Andreas Petersen Arts 1st Vancouver, BC 2018
Oscar Schemmann Science 2nd North Vancouver, BC 2018
Florence Thibodeau Science 2nd Montreal, QC 2018
Maggie Thompson Arts 2nd Blenheim, ON 2018
Molly Voltz Land and Food Systems 3rd Minneapolis, MN 2018
Michele Warner Club Lead Kinesiology 4th Thornhill, ON 2018
Maija Wootton Athlete Council Forestry 3rd Canada 2018
Vanessa Yau Science 1st Markham, ON 2018

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Student Recreation Centre
Vancouver, BC
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