Team Roster

# Name Position Ht Wt (lbs) Faculty Year Hometown Roster
Ali Al-ethawy Kinesiology Vancouver BC 2016
Claire Anderson Science 3rd Mill Valley CA 2016
Claire Anderson Science 4th Mill Valley CA 2017
Matthew Anthony Kinesiology 4th Calgary, AB 2018
Melissa Bernstein Science 2nd Minneapolis, MN 2018
Blakely Browne Arts Leavenworth WA 2016
Emily Butts Land and Food Systems 3rd New Westminster, BC 2018
Erin Chahley Science Calgary AB 2016
Ao Chio Engineering 2nd Macau, China 2018
Margot Clyne Science 4th Boulder CO 2016
Charles Collin Engineering Rimouski QC 2016
May Constabel Science Victoria BC 2016
May Constabel Science 3rd Victoria BC 2017
May Constabel Science 4th Victoria, BC 2018
Rae Dias Arts 4th Canada 2017
Marisa Dorling Science 3rd Vancouver BC 2017
Lauren Eggenberger Science 1st Yellowknife NT 2016
Lauren Eggenberger Science 2nd Yellowknife NT 2017
Lauren Eggenberger Science 3rd Yellowknife, NT 2018
Alan Ehrenholz Engineering 6th Burnaby, BC 2018
Sam Freeman Engineering 1st Richmond, BC 2018
Gerard Gaba Business Manila, Philippines 2016
Nick Geddes Engineering Whistler BC 2016
Stefan Gronsdahl Arts Grad Kelowna, BC 2018
Alex Haag Engineering Summerland BC 2016
Cam Harris Dentistry 3rd Victoria, BC 2018
Sean Henry Science 3rd Basel, Switzerland 2016
Sean Henry Science 4th Basel, Switzerland 2017
Declan Kelly Forestry 3rd Vancouver BC 2017
Declan Kelly Forestry 4th Vancouver, BC 2018
Maxwell Kelsch Forestry 4th Vancouver BC 2017
James Kirker Engineering 5th Calgary AB 2016
Angela Law Kinesiology 1st 2016
Jason LeBlanc Engineering 4 Innisfil, ON 2018
Jade Levine Engineering 2nd Toronto, ON 2018
Giacomo Macchi Commerce 4th Galliate, Italy 2018
Fiona Majendie Science 3rd Vancouver, BC 2018
Yann Meier Engineering 3rd Fribourg, Switzerland 2017
Wiley Melton Commerce 1st Boulder, CO 2018
Zachary Michaels Engineering 3rd Boston, MA 2018
Taylor Navi Science 3rd Kingston, ON 2018
Tom Ouellette Science Langley BC 2016
Song Panvichean Arts 4th Bangkok, Thailand 2018
John Park Engineering Grad (M.Eng.) Vancouver WA 2016
John Park Engineering Grad (M.Eng) Vancouver WA 2017
Damian Parlee 2nd 2016
Damian Parlee Engineering 3rd Comox BC 2017
Damian Parlee Engineering 4th Comox, BC 2018
Andreas Petersen Arts 1st Vancouver, BC 2018
Zachary Rohland Engineering Dallas TX 2016
Zachary Rohland Engineering 3rd Dallas TX 2017
Zach Rohland Engineering 3rd Dallas, TX 2018
Sizhen She Science Chongqing, China 2016
Emily Suchy Science 1st Revelstoke BC 2016
Emily Suchy Science 2nd Revelstoke BC 2017
Nathan Surkan Peter A. Allard School of Law Penticton BC 2017
Simon Szoke Engineering 2016
Boris Trinajstic Pharmacy 3rd Victoria, BC 2018
Evan Trofimchuk Land and Food Systems Grad (M.Sc.) Toronto ON 2016
Kalum Utley Vancouver School of Economics 4th Rossland BC 2017
Calista Valente Science 1st Vancouver BC 2016
Calista Valente Science 2nd Vancouver BC 2017
Blair Van Andel Science 3rd Kelowna BC 2016
Blair Van Andel Science 3rd Kelowna BC 2017
Katrina Waldhauser Education Grad (M.A.) Calgary AB 2016
Katrina Waldhauser Kinesiology Grad (M.A.) Calgary AB 2017
Nancy Wang Masters of Physical Therapy 1st 2018
Connor Wolff Arts 4th Vancouver BC 2016
Connor Wolff Arts 4th Vancouver BC 2017
Kevin Wong Engineering 4th Zhongshan, China 2018
Angela Yang Arts 5th Vancouver, BC 2018

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