Team Roster

# Name Position Ht Wt (lbs) Faculty Year Hometown Roster
Benjamin Ernewein 6'3" Faculty of Applied Science Masters Ottawa, Ontario 2022-23
Bridget Meyboom Cat 3 rider 5'8" Faculty of Applied Science 5th Year Toronto, Canada 2022-23
Bronwyn Posynick 5'8" Faculty of Medicine PhD Victoria, Canada 2022-23
Casey Hill 5'10" Faculty of Applied Science 4th Year Canada 2022-23
8 Cole Gar-Aouy 6'1 Faculty of Forestry 2nd Year Seattle, United States 2022-23
Cynthia Pham 5'6" Faculty of Applied Science Masters Toronto, Canada 2022-23
Daniele Reda Faculty of Science PhD Padova, Italy 2022-23
Ethan Ashley-Cheetham Cat 5 5'9" School of Kinesiology Masters Comox, BC 2022-23
Ethan Abbott 5'10" Faculty of Dentistry 2nd Year Victoria 2022-23
Hanna Girndt 5'7" Faculty of Medicine Masters Toronto, Canada 2022-23
0 Hannah Fennell 5.2 Sauder School of Buisiness 1st Year Uxbridge, Ontario 2022-23
0 Helena Sverak 5'8" Faculty of Medicine PhD Minneapolis, USA 2022-23
Jacob Stubbs 6' Faculty of Medicine PhD Vancouver, Canada 2022-23
Kai Constabel 6'3" Faculty of Science 2nd Year Victoria 2022-23
0 Kolby Mullen Sprinter/Rouler 6' Faculty of Arts 5th Year Vancouver 2022-23
0 Max Garvey N/A 6'5" Faculty of Forestry 3rd Year Edmonton, canada 2022-23
Oliver Boucher Faculty of Arts Masters Victoria, Canada 2022-23
Serena Formenti 5'8" Faculty of Science PhD Peterborough, Canada 2022-23
Sophie Perry Faculty of Applied Science 2nd Year Calgary, Canada 2022-23
Talia Brown Cycling 5'4 Faculty of Arts 1st Year Salmon Arm, Canada 2022-23
Torin Halvorson Faculty of Medicine MD Courtenay, Canada 2022-23

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