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Home to 14 teams and 350 student athletes. This page hosts the administrative processes and resources that come with your TSC athlete status.

Athlete Registration

The four steps required to become a registered TSC athlete.

Travel & Safety Forms

Forms and processes to complete for driving/vehicle authorization and international travel.

Academic Resources

Academic concession and other resources on campus to aid your studies.

Health and Wellbeing Resources

On and off-campus resources available to UBC students.

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Athlete Registration Steps

All athletes are required to complete the following forms to participate in UBC Thunderbirds Sport Clubs activity.

Please complete a waiver for the Sport Club(s) you will be participating in. Ensure a waiver is completed prior to your first try-out or practice with a team. If you have already filled out a waiver prior to trying out, you may proceed to the next step.

Each athlete will pay 2 fees at the beginning of the season:

Fee 1: UBC TSC Athlete Fee

  • There are 3 main options when paying for the Athlete Fee, a Canadian and USA Circuit. Select the appropriate circuit based on the locations that the team primarily competes in.
    • Canadian Circuit (within BC): for teams planning on exclusively competing in British Columbia.
    • Canadian Circuit (out of Province): for teams planning on competing in provinces and territories outside of British Columbia, but not internationally.
    • USA Circuit: For teams planning on competing outside of Canada.
  • Please note that BirdCoop fees will be separate from the Athlete Fee.

Fee 2: Individual Sport Club Team Fee

  • Team fees are set by the Club Executives. These fees will be used to cover costs throughout the season, including, but not limited to: practice facilities, equipment and apparel, travel and insurance, competition registration, and accommodation.

Fees can be paid in-person at the front desk of the Student Recreation Centre or online (credit-card only). Your Club executives will distribute your team fees to you.

Athlete Orientation is mandatory for all students in UBC TSC.

Travel and Safety

This section goes over all the necessary forms related to Travel & Safety. If your team is planning on leaving the province for competition (whether it is in Canada or internationally), please fill out the Tugo Insurance form.

For those planning on driving a vehicle- whether it be their own vehicle or a rental vehicle of some sort- to any TSC event, please fill out the forms that apply to you.

To be eligible for coverage through Tugo Insurance, individuals must have provincial health care coverage (eg. BC PHN, OHIP, etc.). International exchange students who are only here for 1 term (and therefore not eligible for BC MSP) must rely on coverage through their iMed policy. Please fill out the form here if your team plans on travelling outside of B.C. and the country.

Tugo Insurance covers the cost of emergency healthcare while traveling out of BC. This includes accidents, injuries, and new illnesses. (It does not cover costs associated with pre-existing injuries or illnesses.) Tugo insurance does cover the costs associated with medical care for COVID-19 as long as the individual is fully vaccinated (as per BC government definition), and has not had COVID-19 within 30 days of departure.

To make a claim:
If you need to visit a hospital while outside of BC, please call the number on the Tugo Insurance policy as soon as possible to begin the claim. In some instances, the hospital will be able to bill Tugo directly, but in other cases you will need to pay with a credit card and submit a claim for reimbursement when you return home. (This depends on the policy of the hospital.)

Please contact the Sport Clubs office for help submitting your insurance claim.

To complete the surveys you will need to upload your:

  • Driver's Abstract for the Driver Authorization Form. Drivers must have a BC Class 5 License or equivalent and a clean Driver's Abstract to be approved as a driver for a TSC team. In other jurisdictions, a Driver's Abstract may also be known as a Driving Record or Driver's History. (Please note, this is different from an ICBC Driver Factor Report, which is not sufficient for approval as a TSC driver.)
  • Vehicle Insurance Document for the Vehicle Authorization Form. The personal vehicle insurance document should indicate a minimum of $200,000 coverage in 3rd-Party Liability.

1. Driver Authorization Form

  • For those (athlete or coach) who plan on driving a vehicle to and/or from a TSC-affiliated event with another TSC-affiliated athlete or coaching staff member.

2. Vehicle Authorization Form

  • For those who plan on driving a personal vehicle to and/or from a TSC-related event.

Before completing the survey ensure that you have a PDF copy of your Driver's Abstract as you will need to upload that as part of the survey. If you have a BC Driver's License you can apply for your Driver's Abstract on the ICBC website.

If you have a license from another province or an International Driver's License you should still be able to request a Driver's Abstract from your issuing authority. Check out this handy resource that lists where to find your Driving History from a variety of international jurisdictions.


For athletes competing internationally, please see the menu below regarding UBC Student Safety Abroad. 

If you’re traveling outside of Canada for university activity, you’ll need to complete UBC’s travel authorization requirements. Travel for a “university activity” includes academic purposes including any activity required for academic credit, or financially sponsored or supported by UBC. All students travelling internationally for university activity are required to complete the Student Safety Abroad Registry. We use the information collected to ensure that students prepare for a safer trip abroad, and can so that we can effectively assist in the event of an emergency. In the registry, you will be asked to enter your trip information and complete the Student Mobility Agreement. The agreement outlines the risks associated with international travel and the responsibilities of students travelling abroad

Completing the registry should take about 15 minutes. You can save your registry entry and complete it later if you do not have all of the information available. Your Travel & Safety executive should provide you with forms unique to each trip with the appropriate contact information and insurance information.

Before filling out the form, please have the following on hand:

  • Valid Passport
  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Travel Insurance Policy Provider and Number
  • Local Contact Information

Academic Resources

Before submitting a request for an Academic Concession Form, please reach out to your professor before making a request for a letter. The earlier the better!

Prior to submitting a Letter of Request for Academic Concession, please ensure you have the following information: Full Professor's Name, Course Name, Course Code, Date(s) of Absence. As well, kindly notify your executive of your academic conflicts with competition.

Please allow for a minimum of one week for processing. Also note that a letter will not be granted post travel, it needs to be requested well in advance of travel. 

A. For students in any faculty or program other than UBC's Sauder School of Business:

Letters of Request for Academic Concession

*If you are a student in the Faculty of Arts please head to the site below for more information regarding concession.

Concession in the Faculty of Arts

B. If you are a student in UBC's Sauder School of Business please navigate to the page below, click to Request an Academic Concession and select that you are a Thunderbirds Sport Clubs Athlete.

Sauder School of Business Academic Concession Requests

The following resources are available for student athletes on campus.

Peer Academic Coaching

Room 300, Irving K. Barber Learning Centre

1961 East Mall

Tel: 604 827 3909

Website: www.learningcommons.ubc.ca

Helps develop soft skills such as studying, note-taking techniques and exam preparation.

Writing Centre

Chapman Learning Commons Level 3 of Irving K. Barber Learning Center


Hours for Drop in:

Monday – Friday 3:00pm – 7:00pm (20 to 30 minute drop-in sessions)


Tutoring Services

The UBC Learning Commons offers tutoring for a variety of subjects through campus partners. Please visit the website to learn more about the subjects offered for tutoring.


Undergraduate Society

Many undergraduate student groups on campus provide tutoring services for fellow students.




If your faculty isn’t included, contact your faculty society to find out more about their student services:

See the list here for listed undergraduate societies.

UBC Assignment Calculator

A time management tool that breaks down research assignments into a series of manageable steps, while providing tips for success.


UBC Math Learning Center 

The MLC is a space for those enrolled in Math courses to receive help and tutoring, as well as a dedicated study space to work with other students in their courses.


Health & Well-being Resources

Below are health & well-being resources that are available to you as both and student and student athlete on campus. Stay tuned for additional resources off campus such as physiotherapy, nutritionists, massage, acupuncture, and much more!

The following resources are available for student athletes on campus.


Student Health Services

Visit a doctor, nurse, or other medical professionals on campus.

2211 Wesbrook Mall


Monday - Saturday: 8 am - 4 pm (*Wednesdays until 8 pm)


Tel: 604 822 7011

Website: students.ubc.ca/health/student-health-service


Wellness Centre

Talk with a trained Wellness Peer for tips and resources on stress, study tips, or navigating university life.

UBC Life Building, Room 1400

6138 Student Union Boulevard



Monday – Friday: 10 am - 5 pm (*Tuesdays until 4 pm)


Tel: 604 822 8450

Email: wellness.centre@ubc.ca

Website: students.ubc.ca/health/wellness-centre


Counselling Services

If you're feeling persistently stressed, anxious or sad, make and appointment with a Wellness Advisor.

Brock Hall, Room 1040

1874 East Mall Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1



Monday - Friday: 8:30 am - 3:30 pm (*Wednesdays until 6 pm)


Tel: 604 822 3811

Website: students.ubc.ca/health/counselling-services

Other Psychologist or Counseling Services 


If you are covered by AMS Insurance you gain access to PsyVitaliti, a group of psychologists who offer their services to students via secure online video conferencing at a preferred rate, so that Student Health Plan members can consult a psychologist in the privacy and comfort of their own home.

For more information head to the UBC AMS Health Benefits Page .



Athlete Nutrition


Learn about all things nutrition including eating for competition and building muscle, supplements, and go-to recipes.

Website: https://gothunderbirds.ca/sports/2016/7/5/nutrition.aspx

UBC Student Assistance Program offered by Aspiria


This service provides free, 24/7 personal counselling and life coaching for all UBC students. Services are available by phone, video, face to face (where available), e-counselling and in multiple languages.

Also included are Aspiria’s AWARE Mindfulness Program and Computerized Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CCBT) for students who prefer self-guided options.

UBC SAP is available 24/7 and free for all registered UBC students. There are several methods students can use to access the service including:

  • Students within North America, can call toll-free 1 833 590 1328.
  • Students outside of North America, can call collect: 1 604 757 9734.
  • Online: Aspiria website
      • UBC Vancouver students login using "UBCV" for both the student code and password.


As a member of AMS Studentcare, you are entitled to a wide range of medical benefits, including Chiropractic Care, Physiotherapy, and Massage Therapy.


Under Studentcare, your plan covers up to $400 of treatment per policy year, with a maximum of $20 per visit.  With a doctor’s referral, you can visit any clinic in BC and receive $20 of coverage, but, if you visit the Studentcare website, you can choose to visit one of many professionals in the Studentcare Network.

In addition, Studentcare covers up to 100% of the cost of a psychologist, for a maximum of $1000 per policy year.  Psychologists are available through PsyVitalitï, a network of licensed practitioners.  These appointments are available in person and online, and you can learn more here.


As student athletes, we understand that sometimes injuries are an unavoidable consequence of high-level competitive sport.  If you need help navigating the Studentcare website, or have questions regarding your coverage, do not hesitate to contact us at sport.clubs@ubc.ca, or Studentcare directly at 1 877 795-4421. 


All students are required by law to be enrolled in the Medical Services Plan (MSP) if the individual will be living in British Columbia for six months or longer (including international students). MSP is a BC provincial health insurance plan and upon enrollment you will receive a Service Card (as shown below):

TSC - BC Health Card front TSC - BC Health Care back

To locate your Personal Health Number please look at the back of the card.