Forms and Resources

Athlete Registration Steps

All athletes are required to complete the following forms to participate in UBC Thunderbirds Sport Clubs.

Each athlete will pay 2 fees at the beginning of the season:

Fee 1: UBC TSC Athlete Fee

  • There are 2 main options when paying for the Athlete Fee, a Canadian and USA Circuit. Select the appropriate circuit based on the country that the team primarily competes in.
    • Canadian Circuit: Men's Lacrosse, Nordic Skiing, Quidditch, Synchronized Swimming, Men's Tennis, Women's Tennis, Triathlon
    • USA Circuit: Alpine Skiing, Cycling, Equestrian, Sailing, Men's Ultimate, Women's Ultimate
  • Please note that BirdCoop fees will be separate from the Athlete Fee starting September 2018.


Fee 2: Individual Sport Club Team Fee

  • Team fees are set by the Club Executives. These fees will be used to cover costs throughout the season, including, but not limited to: practice facilities, equipment and apparel, travel and insurance, competition registration, and accommodation.


Fees can be paid in-person at the front desk of the Student Recreation Centre or online (credit-card only).

To pay for fees online visit the UBC REC Online Registration Page

  1. Once you arrive at the UBC REC Online Registration Page, click Register for Programs.
  2. On the left side bar find "Sport Clubs".
  3. Add the 2 appropriate fees to your cart.
  4. Pay the fees.

Athlete Orientation is mandatory for all students in UBC TSC.

  • There will be 3 sessions (6:00 pm - 7:30 pm) held from during the school year to accommodate all students.
  • Athlete Orientation will take place on the following days:
    • Athlete Orientation #1: Wednesday, September 26th, 2018 
      • Location: Neville Scarfe (SCRF) 100
    • Athlete Orientation #2: Wednesday, November 7th, 2018
      • Location: Irving K. Barber (IKB) 182
    • Athlete Orientation #3: Wednesday, January 16th, 2019
      • Location: Woodward (WOOD) 6
  • If you are unsure which Athlete Orientation to attend, please ask you Club Executives.

Travel and Safety

1. Driver Authorization Form

  • Complete only if different from driving information provided in your Athlete Registration and Medical Form

2. Vehicle Authorization Form

  • Complete only if different from driving information provided in your Athlete Registration and Medical Form

The links below will direct you to the appropriate page to get a Drivers Abstract.

For all other provinces, states or countries Google: Your license place of issue followed by "driver’s abstract" (e.g. California Driver’s Abstract).

For athletes who selected YES in the Athlete Registration and Medical Form to:

  • Willing to be a Designated Driver; or
  • Having a Personal Vehicle; or
  • Having a Full Licence

Please provide a scanned copy of your Driver's License and Vehicle Insurance Document and/or Drivers Insurance Document or Card. The personal vehicle insurance document should indicate a minimum of $1 million coverage.

Additionally, if you have a credit card please consult your bank with regards to travel insurance as some banks do provide travel insurance and may help with vehicle rentals in the future.

Steps to providing the document(s):

  1. Scan your Driver's License and Vehicle/Drivers Insurance Card or Document.
  2. Provide a copy of this scan to your Club Executives.
  3. Executives will upload this information to SharePoint for the Sport Clubs Office.

Athlete Resources

Prior to submitting a Letter of Request for Academic Concession, please ensure you have the following information: Full Professor's Name, Course Name, Course Code, Date(s) of Absence. As well, kindly notify your executive of your academic conflicts with competition.

Letters of Request for Academic Concession

The following resources are available for student athletes on campus.

Peer Academic Coaching

Room 300, Irving K. Baber Learning Centre

1961 East Mall

Tel: 604 827 3909


Helps develop soft skills such as studying, note-taking techniques and exam preparation.

Writing Centre

Chapman Learning Commons Level 3 of Irving K. Barber Learning Center


Hours for Drop in:

Monday – Friday 3:00pm – 7:00pm (20 to 30 minute drop-in sessions)


Tutoring Services

The UBC Learning Commons offers tutoring for a variety of subjects through campus partners. Please visit the website to learn more about the subjects offered for tutoring.

Undergraduate Society

Many undergraduate student groups on campus provide tutoring services for fellow students.





If your faculty isn’t included, contact your faculty society to find out more about their student services:

AMS Help Hub

An online tutoring community, Help Hub allows students to create an account, credit it and use that credit to hire tutors of your choice at rates like 45c/minute or $28/hour.

University of British Columbia Help Hub

Similar to AMS Help Hub but with a wider range of subjects and more qualified online tutors. Rates are higher than AMS Help Hub

UBC Assignment Calculator

A time management tool that breaks down research assignments into a series of manageable steps, while providing tips for success.

All students are required by law to be enrolled in the Medical Services Plan (MSP) if the individual will be living in British Columbia for six months or longer (including international students). MSP is a BC provincial health insurance plan and upon enrollment you will receive a Service Card (as shown below):

TSC - BC Health Card front TSC - BC Health Care back

To locate your Personal Health Number please look at the back of the card. 

For student athletes that selected the option of Personal Insurance on the Athlete Registration and Medical Form, please follow the steps for submitting this information to the Sport Clubs Office:

  1. Scan your Personal Insurance Card or Document (ex. home country insurance/family insurance)
  2. Provide a copy of this scan to your Club Executives.
  3. Executives will upload this information to SharePoint for the Sport Clubs Office.


Additional Documents

UBC Thunderbirds Sport Clubs Policy Manual

  • Appendix I. AMS and A&R Memorandum of Understanding
  • Appendix II. Risk Management Chart
  • Appendix III. Misconducts and Demerits System
  • UBC TSC Brand & Style Guide

If you have feedback for our admin team on anything regarding UBC Thunderbirds Sport Clubs please fill in our TSC General Feedback Survey.