Updates & Impacts Due to COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Last updated on April 20, 2022 4:47 pm

Please note that UBC continues to require masks in public indoor spaces through June 30, 2022. Masks may be removed during physical activity and exercise.

Proof of vaccination is no longer required as of April 8. Additional measures may be in place for specific facilities and programs.

All visitors should continue to self-assess prior to your visit & please do not visit if you feel unwell.

About the Team

UBC TSC Quidditch is a competitive team with a year-long season. Based on the sport of the same name from the “Harry Potter” series, Quidditch blends elements of rugby, dodgeball, handball, and even flag football, for a an intense and exciting experience. Quidditch is the only sport that is fully co-ed as well as being full contact. We compete with other teams from all over Canada as well as the northwestern US.

Quidditch is an incredible and worthwhile sport on its own merits, regardless of its origins in Harry Potter. What makes it really stand apart from other sports is the community and culture. While everyone on our club takes the sport seriously, takes our training and performance seriously, off the pitch it is an amazingly different environment from what most people experience in traditional sports. UBC Thunderbirds Quidditch Sport Club attracts players that create a culture that is inclusive and accepting. We’re looking for a unique mix of athleticism, academics, open, and social individuals; and those who don’t mind tackling others every now and then.

Quidditch is a fun way to get in shape, make new friends, travel and compete against other universities. We also have many social events such as the Yule Ball and Harry Potter Trivia Nights! We welcome all students who would love to join our Thunderbirds Sport Club team and compete as an official UBC student athlete. For more information please feel free to contact an executive member at quidditch.sc@ubc.ca.

We post information about our tryouts and open practices where you can try out the sport on our instagram @ubcquidditch.


Eligibility Requirements:

  • Attend all team practices, games and gym sessions
  • Notify Coach of all conflicts and absence 2 weeks in advance
  • Must pay team and tournament fees
  • Must be a full time UBC Student (typically this means 9 credits a term, however co-op and exchange students are also eligible!)
  • Must be in good academic standing. Must maintain an average over 60% in order to compete or travel, but lower can still train with the team.

Try Outs: 

Try Outs are open for all and will likely occur during the last week of September 2021.

We will keep you updated about the tryout process as we approach the Fall 2021 term! You can keep checking our website and our instagram @ubcquidditch.


Team Fees:

Team fees will be around $50 CAD per month (subject to change, hopefully will be lower). These fees will cover your uniform, fields rental, equipment usage, travel insurance, travel costs, Tournament fees and social events.

We expect every member of our team to help with fundraising efforts, any excess funds we have will be reimbursed to members, we estimate that fundraising would effectively bring down monthly team fees by $10 to $20.


Practice Schedule:

  • We will have 2 practices a week in Term 1 and 2
    • Mondays 6:30-8 pm McInnes Field (AMS Nest field)
    • Wednesdays 6:30-8 pm McInnes Field (AMS Nest field)
  • We will have weekly TSC gym hours in Term 1 and 2, on Sunday Nights.
  • We will also have social events throughout the term, so there will be no shortage of activities!


Competition Schedule:

  • In the interest of COVID-19 safety, we will not be attending any tournaments in Term 1. We may play some exhibition games with local quidditch teams if public health guidelines allow for it.
  • Term 2 tournament schedule will be updated later this term.

2019-2020 Results

  • 3rd Place – QCon (SFU Burnaby, BC)
  • 4th Place – Western Regionals (Surrey, BC)


2018-19 Results

  • 3rd Place – Subdued Excitement (Bellingham, WA)
  • 4th Place – Murder Cup (Vancouver, BC)


2017-18 Results

  • 2nd Place – Octobear (Calgary, BC)
  • 1st Place – The 2nd Annual Vancouver Island Quidditch 2017 Tournament (Nanaimo, BC)
  • 1st Place – Seaking Stadium (Vancouver, BC)
  • 1st Place – Western Regionals (Abbotsford, BC)
  • 2nd Place – Subdued Excitement (Bellingham, WA)
  • 1st Place – Q(pid)-CON (Victoria, BC)
  • 1st Place – March Mud Madness (New Westminister, BC)

2016-17 Results:

  • 1st Place – Octobear (Calgary, BC)
  • 1st Place – Team Instinct Invitational (Vancouver BC)
  • 1st Place – QCON (Northwestern US/BC conference)
  • 1st Place – Western Regionals (Vancouver BC)
  • 4th Place – Canadian Nationals (Victoria BC)


2015-16 Results:

  • 1st Place – Rocky Mountain Rumble (Kelowna, BC)
  • 2nd Place – Six oh four Classic (Vancouver, BC)
  • 3rd Place – United States Quidditch (USQ) NW Regionals (Salem, OR)
  • Qualified and Attended USQ Nationals (Columbia, SC)

The UBC Quidditch Club was founded in 2010 as an AMS Club. UBC Quidditch plays in the Canadian league (Quidditch Canada) and is UBC Thunderbird Sport Club.

Perennially, UBC Quidditch is often one of the strongest teams in BC and most of its surrounding area, with victories against teams all over BC and Washington, as well as sharing an intense neck-and-neck rivalry with the 2016-17 National Champions (the Edmonton Aurors), as well as SFU Quidditch and UVic Quidditch. We can’t wait to play them at Nationals.

Name Position Email
Alex Schmidt Finance Officer quidditch.sc@ubc.ca
Hannah Illing Marcom Officer quidditch.sc@ubc.ca
Mike Liu Travel and Safety Officer quidditch.sc@ubc.ca
Paisley McKenzie Fundraising/ Marcom Officer quidditch.sc@ubc.ca
Wesley Cassidy Club Lead quidditch.sc@ubc.ca
Wyatt Verchere Head Coach quidditch.sc@ubc.ca

For more information about the UBC Thunderbirds Quidditch Sport Club, please feel free to contact an Executive Member at quidditch.sc@ubc.ca or follow us on instagram @ubcquidditch

UBC Thunderbirds Sport Clubs - Quidditch
6000 Student Union Blvd.
Student Recreation Centre
Vancouver, BC
V6T 1Z1

604-822-3683 quidditch.sc@ubc.ca

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