Team Roster

# Name Position Ht Wt (lbs) Faculty Year Hometown Roster
Andrew Oh Faculty of Science Burnaby, Canada 2022-23
5 Benjamin Dee Singles/ doubles player 5'9" Other/Not Listed 1st Year Vancouver, Canada 2022-23
David Zoric 6'1 Sauder School of Buisiness 4th Year Canada 2022-23
Graeme McIntosh singles/doubles 5'8" Faculty of Science 4th Year Vancouver, Canada 2022-23
Isaac Dee 5'10" Faculty of Applied Science 3rd Year Surrey, Canada 2022-23
James Cross Glue guy 6'2" Faculty of Arts 4th Year Vancouver 2022-23
Kiran Phaterpekar Singles, Doubles 5'10" Faculty of Medicine 1st Year Belcarra, Canada 2022-23
marvin kao Faculty of Arts 1st Year vancouver, Canada 2022-23
Nishant Mehta Singles player 6'3" Sauder School of Buisiness 4th Year Vancouver 2022-23
Noah Bettauer 6'0" Faculty of Forestry 5th Year Victoria, Canada 2022-23
Nozomi Katayama Other/Not Listed Toyohashi 2022-23
Raj Parekh Singles and Doubles 5'10 Faculty of Arts 4th Year Mumbai, India 2022-23
Ryan Picken None 6ft Other/Not Listed 2nd Year Vancouver 2022-23
9 Sahil Lakhani 5'8'' Faculty of Applied Science 2nd Year Rajkot, India 2022-23
Spencer Keung Tennis 5'10 Sauder School of Business 1st Year Canada 2022-23
Tejas Phaterpekar doubles 5'11 Faculty of Medicine 3rd Year Port Moody, Canada 2022-23
Thomas Ford 6'2 Faculty of Arts 3rd Year Vancouver, Canada 2022-23

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