Updates & Impacts Due to COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Last updated on April 20, 2022 4:47 pm

Please note that UBC continues to require masks in public indoor spaces through June 30, 2022. Masks may be removed during physical activity and exercise.

Proof of vaccination is no longer required as of April 8. Additional measures may be in place for specific facilities and programs.

All visitors should continue to self-assess prior to your visit & please do not visit if you feel unwell.

About the Team

The UBC Women’s Tennis Team is a nationally competitive Thunderbirds Sport Club (TSC) and they participate in the highest rank of University Tennis in Canada. The ultimate goal of the UBC TSC Women’s Tennis Team for the upcoming season is to earn a place at the Canadian National Championships, held in August of 2022, alongside the Rogers Cup in Toronto or Montreal. The competitive season begins at the start of 2022, however pre-season training and competition starts in October 2021.


If you are interested in trying out for the 2022-23 season, we will hold open tryouts in September 2022. As September approaches, check out our Facebook and Instagram feeds to find out the exact date of registration and tryouts; make sure you don’t miss it! We look forward to seeing some new faces.

For recruitment, general inquiries, or donation inquiries please email us at womenstennis.sc@ubc.ca.


Why You Should Join:

The UBC TSC Women’s Tennis Team is made up of about 12-17 student-athletes who all share a passion for the sport of tennis and who wish to compete in Women’s tennis to represent UBC. New players who share the team’s passion and will add positively to the team are always welcome. We invite all students who are interested in competing at a high-level in tennis to come to tryouts in September at the beginning of each academic year. Joining the UBC TSC Women’s Tennis Team enables a player to both improve within the sport and build long lasting relations within the team. The tight-knit and supportive players are encouraging and motivating. Although tennis is known to be an individual sport, the UBC TSC Women’s Tennis Team creates a true team atmosphere, as everyone works together to achieve the same goal.


Eligibility Requirements:

The current team members maintain a high and competitive level of tennis. Therefore, previous experience is highly recommended in both practice and match situations for prospective players. Interested players are always welcome to tryout in September for the upcoming season.

Expectations for the women’s tennis student-athletes throughout the season includes:

  • Attendance of three practices per week
  • Attendance at all competitions, such as; Regionals, Westerns, Nationals (if the team qualifies), and other season matches
  • Attendance at all fundraising events, such as; October Tennis Mixer and possible others
  • Best effort and attitude at all competitions, practices, and other events


Team Fees:

Team fees will vary depending on the number of competitions, roster size, and fundraising, but are expected to be between $25 to $150 per term, and about $100 for a mandatory, one-time, competition apparel fee.

*Fees will be determined at a later time.


Practice Schedule:

  • 2 x two hour weeknight on-court practice
  • 1 x two hour weekend on-court practice

*On-court practices may include some strength and conditioning sessions

**Days and times will be decided once the roster is established to best accommodate all student-athletes.


Competition Schedule:

  • November: Fall Match against University of Calgary; home
  • November: Fall Match against University of Alberta; home
  • January: UBC Team vs Team BC Juniors; home
  • January: UVIC Invitational Tournament (*UBC Mixed Teams); Victoria
  • January: Regionals – UBC vs. SFU and UBC vs. UVIC
  • February: Seattle University, Seattle
  • February: Whitman College, Seattle
  • March: Canadian Western Championships, UBC TSC Women’s Team vs Women’s Prairie Champions, Alberta

  • 2021-22 Women’s BC Regionals Champions
  • 2019-20 Women’s Western Canada Finalists
  • 2019-20 Women’s BC Regional Champions
  • 2018-19 Women’s Western Canada Finalists
  • 2018-19 Women’s BC Regional Champions
  • 2017-18 Women’s Western Canada Finalists
  • 2017-18 Women’s BC Regional Champions
  • 2016-17 Women’s BC Regional Champions
  • 2016-17 Women’s Western Canada Finalists
  • 2015-16 Women’s BC Regional Champions
  • 2015-16 Women’s Western Canada Finalists

The UBC Women’s Tennis Team has been a part of UBC’s Thunderbirds Sport Clubs program since it was launched in September 2015 and became the official representative of UBC in the sport of Tennis. Prior to TSC, the Tennis Team belonged to AMS, where the team was 2011-12 and 2012-13 National Qualifiers.

Name Position Email
Daniel Yamamato Head Coach womenstennis.sc@ubc.ca
Isabel Evans Club Lead womenstennis.sc@ubc.ca
Jessica Silva Assistant Coach womenstennis.sc@ubc.ca
Madison Fan Travel and Safety Officer, Finance Officer womenstennis.sc@ubc.ca
Michelle Lim Marketing and Communications Officer, Fundraising Officer womenstennis.sc@ubc.ca

The UBC Thunderbirds Women’s Tennis Sport Club will be hosting multiple competitions, events, and fundraisers throughout the year, stay tuned for more information and we hope to see you there!

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