About the Team

The UBC Thunderbirds Triathlon Sport Club is a group of highly motivated student-athletes pursuing high performance in the sport of triathlon while attending school full-time at the University of British Columbia. We come from all different academic and athletic backgrounds, but are united by our love for swim-bike-run and our drive to achieve our full potential in sports and elsewhere.  

Our team is proud to announce that we will be hosting the first of three races in the Western Canadian University Triathlon Circuit at the UBC Triathlon Duathlon event on March 9, 2019. See you all there!

Feel like one sport isn’t enough? Look no further! The UBC Thunderbirds Triathlon Sport Club is for anyone who is committed to training for all three disciplines and competing at a high level in the sport. We take advantage of the unique inclusive character of triathlon. Athletes usually have a strong suit discipline and one with more room for improvement which leads to a unique training environment in a committed team that pushes everyone to be their best self, both personally and athletically.


2018-2019 Tryout Schedule

We will be holding tryouts in week 3 of September. Each person must attend one of each swim, bike, and run time trials. In the mean time prospective club members are encouraged to drop in at all of our practices starting September 4th until September 14th.


September 17th

Swimming Time Trial #1


September 18th

Running Time Trial


September 19th

Swimming Time Trial #2


September 20th

Cycling Time Trial


September 21st

Flexible tryout session if required

  • Time: 7:00-8:00 pm
  • Location: Aquatics Center competition pool deck
  • Details: 300m
  • Time: 6:00-7:30 pm
  • Location: SRC
  • Details: 2500m
  • Time: 7:00-8:00 pm
  • Location: Aquatics Center competition pool deck
  • Details: 300m
  • Time: 6:00-7:30 pm
  • Location: SRC
  • Details: 12km
  • Time: 6:00-7:00 pm
  • Location: TBA

Eligibility Requirements:

No prior race experience is required. In our athletes, we’re seeking commitment to our training plan, hard work, a positive attitude at practices, and being supportive of the rest of the team in training and competition.

Equipment requirements:

  • Basic running gear
  • Well maintained road/triathlon bike + cycling gear
  • Basic swimming gear (cap, goggles, pull buoy, paddles, fins)

Athlete requirements:

  • Attend at least four practices a week (one of each discipline + one strength session).
  • Compete in at least two of the three chosen races during the school year and in at least one additional race in the summer.

Academic Requirements:

Team members are required to maintain good academic standing – minimum 60% average or passing standards as identified by their faculty – and must not be on academic probation.

Team members must be students at the University of British Columbia who are registered in an Undergraduate or Graduate 9-credit course load per term in the current session, or fulfilling the requirements for a PhD/Masters, or Co-op Program. (Students registered in diploma programs, certificate programs, or affiliated colleges/ programs with the University of British Columbia including: Carey Theological College, Regent College, St. Mark’s College, and the Vancouver School of Theology, are not eligible for active membership in a UBC Thunderbirds Sport Club.)


Practice Schedule

Between Monday and Friday, we offer six 1h coached sessions which break down into two swims, two spins/bike sessions  and two runs. On the weekends we offer a long ride and a long run for building endurance as well as a strengthening session in the BirdCoop gym on Sunday evening.

For exact times, please refer to the calendar.



The Roster will be finalized and posted at the end of the two week try-out period in September. To see the current 2017/18 roster click here!


Team Fees

The triathlon team fee is approximately $200 for term 1 and $150 for term 2. which will mainly cover coaching and lane space in the aquatic centre. Additionally, there is an 25 $ TSC athlete fee per year which includes a TSC T-Shirt and will cover access to the Birdcoop for two semesters.


Competition Schedule

Our main goals for the Summer 2018 will be the Apple Triathlon in Kelowna. During the school year the main races we will be focusing on are Cultus Lake Triathlon in September 2018 and the Northwest Collegiate Championships in March 2019. Some running road races will include Fall Classic 5/10 km in November 2018, as well as the BC Athletics 5k road Championships (@ St Patrick’s Day 5k, Vancouver). We are looking forward to take part in inter-club collegiate races during the 2018/19 school year. 

For exact dates, please refer to the calendar.

UBC TriDu – NWCTC 2018

Sprint Triathlon

Gen. Gen. Place Name Cat. Cat. Place Swim Bike Run Finish
M 1 Thomas Watson M2529 1 0:09:52 0:32:42 0:17:09 1:03:36
M 2 Kazune Tamura M2529 2 0:10:50 0:35:28 0:18:21 1:08:00
M 3 Enzo Zicat Garofalo M2024 1 0:10:48 0:36:43 0:19:22 1:11:06
F 1 Keila Stark F2024 1 0:10:01 0:40:02 0:19:48 1:14:14
F 3 Anna Bennett F2024 3 0:11:39 0:45:41 0:22:40 1:23:36
F 4 Emily Mills F2024 4 0:11:57 0:46:54 0:22:08 1:25:46


North Shore Triathlon 2018

Swim 740m, Bike 17.6km, Run 5km

Gen. Gen. Place Name Cat. Cat. Place Swim Bike Run Finish
F 11 Pamela Villavicencio F2024 1 00:11:37 00:36:50 00:26:27 01:14:54.0
F 23 Jade Levine F2024 2 00:13:17 00:40:55 00:26:08 01:20:20.0


Ironman 70.3 Victoria 2018

Half Ironman

Gen. Gen. Place Name Cat. Cat. Place Swim Bike Run Finish
M 6 Thomas Watson M3034 1 00:25:11 02:27:55 01:27:55 04:25:42
M 53 Kazune Tamura M2529 11 00:28:42 02:33:38 01:26:08 04:32:10
F 56 Keila Stark F1824 4 00:26:42 03:06:34 01:44:11 05:23:03
F 196 Emily Mills F2529 32 00:34:26 03:29:26 01:55:24 06:06:11



The UBC Thunderbirds Triathlon Sport Club is newly founded for the 2017-2018 academic year from the well standing AMS UBC Triathlon Club that boasts a number of Triathlon Canada Age-Group athletes as well as now-professional athletes that were part of the club and we’re excited to take the sport to a next level at UBC. The AMS UBC Triathlon club has successfully worked to promote an active, healthy lifestyle and create a great community around the sport at UBC for more than 15 years and adding a more competitive branch to that community is a logical expansion.

For the AMS Triathlon Club, the UBC Tri/Du has been the central race of the year with the biggest showing for the club since its inception. We want to keep that tradition, making it one of the key competitions for the team every year.

Name Position Email
Adam Guthrie Club Lead triathlon.sc@ubc.ca
Jade Levine Fundraising and Social Media triathlon.sc@ubc.ca
Jonathan Chan Marketing and Communication triathlon.sc@ubc.ca
Kazune Tamura Race Coordinator triathlon.sc@ubc.ca
Matthew Anthony Finance triathlon.sc@ubc.ca

If you’re looking to try out triathlon for the first time or only want to train occasionally with a great group of people in a less competitive way, the AMS UBC Triathlon Club is the right place for you.

UBC Thunderbirds Sport Clubs - Triathlon
6000 Student Union Blvd.
Student Recreation Building
Vancouver, BC
V6T 1Z1

604-822-3683 triathlon.sc@ubc.ca

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